He Got It !!!

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    Man I can not stop smiling....

    for those leaning on Residential Treatment Center (RTC) - it is WELL worth the shot...

    My Son in 7 months has made huge progress and he just made a huge level as of yesterday... one most boys do not get in a years time... he got in 7 months..

    I know there is not "light bulb" that goes off in his head.. but this treatment is just what I hoped it would be...

    I am so darn proud... and he STILL wants the next level... and says.. once I get it.. then I want to talk about transistion to home... and he knows that takes a while! Darn... folks it can work... keep faith... keep hope.. there really is light at the end of those tunnels we find ourself in.. think 5K a month is high? yep it is.. But take that cost over a life time.... more than worth the debt

    I am so proud of my boy

    oh for those following... out of the 70 beads he could loose in a week.. (average he was losing 10 mini points (beads) a day before they gave him something physical (beads) ) he ONLY LOST 9 beads in 7 days!!!!!!!!!

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    Awesome possum!

    I don't know what the bead are, but that sounds good, too!
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    Way to GO!!!! So proud of him!!!!

    It is so nice to hear when one of ours starts to make big strides. I know how you debated the Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and how horribly rough it was to send him there. and eve harder to KEEP him there.

    You will see such a huge difference in HIS life. I am so glad you stuck with it, and that it is WORKING!!!

    Thanks for the update.

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