He is being discharged today!


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I am so excited! difficult child spent three weeks at the teaching hospital and three weeks at the state hospital. He has undergone an amazing transformation! He is finally on medications that are helping him, and he is acting like a easy child now.

I saw him yesterday and he is anxious to get back to school and catch up with his work. He is interested in learning. He is saying that he likes the schedule structure that he has been keeping at the psychiatric hospital and wants to continue it at home. He wants to begin exercising and asked about the gym. He says that he wants to get his homework done first and have some time to read before bed.

I am hoping that we can work together to provide him with the help and supports he needs.

The only scary thing to me is that we need to do the medication adjustments as an outpatient. He is on so many medications now, and some that he might not really need. He will be getting a new IEP review next week and will have another psychiatrist evaluation at the school. He can now tell them what he is still having difficulties with. He will be also be getting an evaluation at TEACCH in the future.

This feels like a whole new world. I hope that we can work through the ups and downs, and that he will continue in his stability for a long time!

For those of you who have been struggling like I have (and I have for 6 entire years), there is hope out there. The missing parts of the puzzle can be found in time, advocacy, and the correct interventions. It might not be perfect, but life with difficult child can evolve to an entire new level....a much better place.

Now...I guess I should print this out so that I can look back at it in about 6 months!


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It sounds *SO* wonderful!!! You give me great hope! Definitely print your post out so you can reflect back on it frequently!!!

Just curious, since I've joined this board so late in the game here...you signature says "Uncertain of diagnosis"...is that still the case? Is he being discharged with no diagnosis still?

Glad you have a medication regimen that works!


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Alison- His first diagnosis was ADD/Depression. Then it was Mood Disorder, not otherwise specified, then it was Major Depressive Disorder.

Now he is no longer depressed, and we are uncertain if he really has the ADD. They said that they cannot diagnose him right now becuase he does not fit clear diagnostic criteria. They said that it might be years before he does fit into a diagnoses. They are treating symptoms. They are treating his mood dysregulation which appears as mostly depression, his racing and opposing thoughts, and sensory issues.

He will get an evaluation to rule out Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). Right now, the medications that are working wonderfully are the mood stabilizer and the antipsychotic. Perhaps he is an emerging bipolar...time will tell....

It would be nice to have a clear diagnoses, but it is wonderful to be treating the symptoms and getting good results! It is wonderful to hear the Dr say that he is not really ODD after all...that the oppositional behaviors came from the mood disregulation and sensory issues.


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Best of luck to your difficult child. This sounds very hopeful- how wonderful!