he left me!!!

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    Just need to know something please help!!!
    My other half left me with a 3 month old baby! He didnot do anything for her in our house since she was born!
    Now he's at his mums he wants her more but don't no if he's the one building a relationship up or his mum!
    He now wants to take me to court to have her more!! As he wants her over night!
    He's a druggy! Alcoholic that wants to be with his mates all the time this is y I don't want him staying there over night! God knows what would happen!
    He's mum n dad r both alcoholics and dads got a two mind split personality!!!

    Do u think he will get 50% access or can I ask for supervised visits? Please help I need to no. I want the best for my daughter! X
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    Hello Elisha,

    This is a board for parents of high-maintenance children. Is there something developmentally wrong with your 3-mo-old? You would be happier and find more appropriate feedback on a relationship board. I would do another search for that type of board.