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    Kiddo was trialing the Abilify at 10mg/day, meaning she was taking 2 of the 5mg pills. Called in for a refill of those on Friday afternoon. She took the last dose this morning, and when I called the pharmacy to see if it was ready they said they can't fill it because the new order wasn't called in so the insurance won't cover the refill for another few days. Chances are even if the pharmacy had called me before 5 to let me know there was an issue I wouldn't hear back from doctor's office until tomorrow at the earliest. Tried calling doctor's afterhours number to see if someone there could have it called it in. They can't do it and either can't or won't try to get a hold of someone that can. Tried calling the insurance company, but it's the weekend and their computer is just as rude as the afterhours doctor's people.

    Being as she is supposed to take this stuff first thing in the morning, the only thing left to do is give her a dose of the leftover Zyprexa the next two days (or longer if psychiatrist screws up how it's written AGAIN and the insurance company kicks it back AGAIN, another ongoing problem) and we'll just have to deal with the foot pains until it's settled.

    I am so ready to scream and pound something right now. I'm also past ready to change her doctors, even if she has to see an adult psychiatrist instead of the pediatric one because he's the only kid psychiatrist that takes her insurance. Her regular doctor is all too ready to do Rx's for her but he doesn't listen to me, either, and I'm ready to see about changing him, too.


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    I'm surprised both the insurance company does not have a 24-hour hotline you can call to speak with a "live" person and that the psychiatrist's doesn't have an on-call emergency system. Geeze.

    You say the insurance company won't cover the refill for another two days, is there any way you could swing paying for three pills yourself - another for today and two for tomorrow? First thing in the am I would be calling that doctor's office every 30 minutes until that rx is processed correctly.

    What a pain....

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    It was the emergency after hours number I called, they were not helpful, had no suggestions, and were not given a very nice parting message from me. I have about $8 in the bank until payday later this week, that won't even get her one pill (I asked about price). The free trial offer thingy online is only for adult patients and again because it's the weekend no one answers the phone at customer service by the drug makers. About the time the office starts answering their phone I'll be on my way to work and I can't call during work. She goes to the psychiatrist first thing Tues morning, and I'm going to be even more &%%*&%^&% if he A) doesn't write the Rx correctly, and B) *still* doesn't have a referral for her to a specialist. What do I need, a note from the police department, too? I might even be able to get one.
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    My pharmacy has offered to "give" me pills to hold me over if I had a similar problem. I am not sure if they mean "give" as in I wouldn't pay and they would deduct those pills from my next order or if they mean I would pay per pill. I took it to mean I wouldn't have to pay then, though. I've never had to take them up on it.

    I am in there so often that they know I will be back, though.

    If you haven't already done this, you could try explaining what will happen if you aren't able to get the pills. Maybe they will be sympathetic and help you out.
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    They've helped out before by giving us 3 days worth without insurance approval, but she said they can't help on this one. Might be we're going through too many medications at too many different doses right now since we're trailing stuff on her. Kiddo said since it's only for two days she'll use the Zyprexa instead.
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    that was really smart and adult like of her. soo cute.

    i'm sorry im ****** the pharmacy wont' work with you that's total bs. i'd throw a fit and a half asking them if they want to be liable for what your kid has to go thru if they dont' do the "human" thing. yet nevermind me i'm a pyscho lately.

    i'm sorry i hate when these types of things happen. it's such bs in general. i'd go walk outside and scream really loud if i were you. i've done that in my backyard once. scared neighbors but whatever. so your going to call the doctor in a.m.??

    sorry again breath, breath,
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    My luck psychiatrist will change it Tues anyway. Living in an apartment stepping outside on the balcony for some primal scream therapy might not be the best idea, lol.
    Kiddo has finally started expressing her problems with reading, and she's very upset, so we're watching The Last Airbender now. We'll muddle through this somehow.
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    How absolutely frustrating!!!!!!! I hate that something like this can happen. We also had a very frustrating pharmacy problem this past week-grr!
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    It's not the pharmacy, they've been great with us and done everything they could to help, it's the way the medicaid is and the psychiatrist and his office I gripe about so much. His office is NOT the same office she goes to for her weekly therapy.
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    I take medications that have to follow some complicated federal and state rules as far as the rx is written, and it must be written every month, refills are not allowed. If you get a rx that is written so that it is accepted, ask the pharmacy to copy it for you so that you can make sure the doctor writes it out correctly in the future. I have to have not just ONE diagnosis code, but 2 or 3, depending on which rx it is, plus some other info from the doctor that is not normally printed on his rx forms. Luckily this doctor does all rx's by computer instead of handwriting them, so once I got it set up in the computer it wasn't a big deal, but before that I had to hassle with either driving 90 min each way or mailing the rx back and having them receive it and then print an new one and sending that to me by mail, either of which was a hassle and days with-o medications that do come with heavy withdrawal issues.

    If you can, scan the rx into your computer before you take it to the pharmacy so that you have a picture of what it needs and can take it to the doctor to show what you want. Otherwise, have the pharmacy figure out what needs to be on it and get a copy of it from them or have them list everything that must be on it so that you can take that to the doctor with you each time. It is a hassle to figure out at first, but it beats going through the hassle each time. I even had the doctor's secretary write my diagnosis codes and teh other #s on a post it one month and then kept that post it so I had it if they forgot to put it on any future rx's.

    She is a real trooper about going ahead with the zyprexa for a couple of days. I hope the docs can all get it sorted out and you can find docs that are more responsive and responsible. there is little point to staying with a doctor who isn't getting the job done, in my opinion.
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    Yeah I don't really like him even though everyone else seems to worship him. I just think kiddo is beyond him. When there's been a problem with how he wrote it in the past the pharmacy lets me know what my options are and often they just have his office fax over a new one or modify how it's written so the insurance will accept it. She behaves better on the Zyprexa, it's the &^%&^ side effects that get her. Hopefully just a day or two on it won't screw her up too badly.
    She was up until midnight the last two nights but still up at a reasonable hour in the mornings, she was worn out before 8 tonight, lol. Watch her be up at 3am again. I don't know how well the Abilify is working, she's not as level on it and her frustration level is creeping up towards meltdown point again and her anxiety is edging back in, too. I don't know if she needs more or something else, and it's getting harder to keep my frustration level down, which of course doesn't help things. She's very upset about her reading, though. Hope the school tests her soon so we can get some more supports in place for her. She would rather I read to her than read to herself now, she says she misses words, doesn't see them.
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    And STILL NO REFERRAL! "Why do you think she needs a specialist?" I want to throttle this guy, I don't care if everyone else he works with and all the other patients' parents think he walks on water (they do), I am NOT impressed. If I get a note from the school he'll do it. School had it in the works, the principal approved it, but it's not in her psychiatrist's file (and they did send it over to the therapist's office). WTF? All the school can do is say it would be helpful rather than an actual request, but it's something.