Heads Up for New iPod/Zune Users


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If you or your kiddos are going to fork out the cash for one of these things, spend an extra $10 to get a hard screen protector.

My 14-year-old saved for 6 long months and bought a Zune 3 weeks ago. Tonight he broke the screen and the unit is basically a total loss unless repair costs come down. Screen repair/replacement isn't covered in the extended warranty he bought, especially since it was his fault. (Pricey little electronic gadgets shouldn't go in the back pockets of large teenage boys.) Hard lesson. :frown:

$232.00 down the drain and I have one heartbroken kid on my hands. He's about as mad at himself as I was when I backed my van out of the garage with the hatchback open.


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Awww! That bites! What a cruddy lesson to learn and an expensive one too! And that is rediculous that its not covered by warranty. They had to know something like this would happen as popular as these things are with kids/teens.