Healthcare Notebook


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I know I've heard a couple of you mention that you have a notebook with all your difficult child's info. I didn't come across a sample when I searched the archives. I did a search online and I came across one.


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My sister's and I set up one for my mom on our own when she was ill and having trouble remembering everything. Every doctor who saw it was blown away. Her medication history with all perscriptions, dates of all surgeries and procedures a list of allergies, her other doctor's and family phone numbers, her blood sugar history, a copy of her DNR, dietary information and more. All of it in one place. It was taken to every appointment. The doctors told us we should market it. They felt it was an invaluable tool for providing consistant and proper care. -RM


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I dont go into quite as much detail as RM but I have my complete medical history in a file on my computer. It has my birth history, basic health history, all surgeries, when I started getting sick, pregnancies, doctors I have seen with names and phone numbers, all medications I have tried with results.

I keep this updated. I print this out and take it to all new doctor appts.


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Nice, I keep a copy of my peds. report on difficult child in my purse at all times... just in case.