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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by KFld, Jun 27, 2008.

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    I saw Lovemysons and Tylerfan popped in to say hello and give a little update, so I decided to do the same :) Sounds like some pretty good updates from both of them. it's nice to see others lives moving along in a positive direction. I'm happy for both of you.

    Nothing really new with me. Still enjoying my new divorce (I updated my profile) and still enjoying my relationship with my new friend and taking it slowwwwww. He has some business plans that may move him to North Carolina within a year and thinks I should go with him, but time will tell. If he were leaving tomorrow, I wouldn't even consider it, but maybe within a year a change might do me good. We shall see..........

    Former difficult child still doing great. It's nice to be at the point where I don't worry anymore, knock on wood!!!! My grandmother left him some money when she died years back and he's actually talking about investing in real estate, purchasing a condo or something, which I would be thrilled with!!!

    easy child just graduated highschool last week. She graduated as a CNA and is enrolling in the local community college in the fall, then off to a College for nursing, but will continue to live home. She doesn't want to go away, which is fine with me.

    My ex idiot and I do not speak at all!!! I put an end to any contact with him about 2 weeks ago when he felt he still had a say in what I could and couldn't do even after the divorce was final???????

    So my life these days is pretty much my own and I'm loving it. I feel like this is my time to make my life whatever I want it to be and I'm looking forward to and enhoying the possibilities.

    Well, I guess I should get back to work. Just wanted you all to know that even though I don't post often, I still do lurk around every few weeks to see how everyone is doing.

    Take care all!!
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    Good to see you Karen. Glad that things are going well. Your difficult child gives me hope for mine. And a big raspberry to ex. I remember years ago when I divorced my ex, he asked me to go out to lunch. I told him if I wanted to have lunch with him, I would have remained married to him and I didn't want to ever share a meal with him again. He got the message.
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    Hi Karen, good to see you and you sound like you are enjoying the life you deserve. Congratulations to you and yours,
    Love, lovemysons
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    Way To Go, Karen. S L O W !!! :D

    I'm glad you're happy. DDD
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    Hi Karen!

    It sounds like things are going great for you, and that the kids are doing well! I'm so happy for you - you deserve all the good things coming your way. Best of luck to you ... and don't be a stranger!
  6. PonyGirl

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    Great to see you Karen! Funny, I was thinking about you because TylerFan & LMS had popped in here - got me to remembering our old crowd.

    Thanks for the update. I am so happy for you! You give me hope!

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    Thank you so much for popping in. Your update sure brought a smile to my face. Yes, we've all gone through some tough times together. When one crawls out, we all applaud and feel so proud.

    Hooray for your difficult child for finding the right path and staying on it.

    I'm tickled that you're doing so well. Don't be a stranger. It's nice seeing a familiar face.