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    Well, for those that care, I'm back, finally! This is how the story (saga goes- be warned it's a little long).

    Last I left you we were down to 1 computer as the laptop got broke (due to the 2 younger difficult child's going after each other), SO still hadn't gotten a job, house was foreclosing and we had to move.

    Nnnnyeah! Well I signed kiddos out of school for the proposed move, sent middle difficult child up to be with grandma in PA while we worked on this transition (and because she was the one having the most difficulties all the way around with behaviors and getting along with family and grandma seems to be able to do ok with her since 1/1 she does better), we started all the packing/cleaning/repairing (damage from difficult child's) of house, and So continued with his job search activities and oldest difficult child/easy child went off to AR to spend a month with her boyfriend and BFF.

    So here I am back. What has changed, what went on during this time? Let me tell you....... one heck of a rollercoaster ride that I could not have predicted (ok, I could have because we live Murphy's Law around here and this is how it always rolls, major soap opera!).

    First SO had a job....went to orientation for it on a Wednesday (was due to start the following Monday) after all the paperwork was signed, drug testing done, background, etc.... Friday morning the recruiter calls him and says wait (!) hold your horses, this isn't so secure anymore, the company (a major insurance company) is reallocating resources for that position. I'll get back to you by the afternoon and let you know for sure. 4:45pm rolls around and I tell SO that he better call him or someone and find out what's going on so he knows if he should go in Monday or not. So he tries recruiter, no answer, calls the middle person that is on-site and she says she'll get back to him. She does about 15 minutes later and...... SORRY! Yup, they've re-allocated the resources (aka used someone within) to staff the position so they don't have to spend money on someone new!! :(

    So recruiter tells him that they are going to try and get him in their in another position they had open (which is actually the original position he applied for but they switched him over to the position he ended up interviewing for). Let him have a couple of days. So we do. In the mean time, his old job had had his old position open up and he didn't put in his resume for it because he HAD been hired for this position! so he tries to see if maybe that position is STILL open and maybe he can still put in his resume and get back in there. NOPE! Too late, position filled.

    Another recruiter calls him during this time that he had worked with last year at this time when he first went out of work and had sent him out to an interview. The company there really wanted him and it looked like they were going to hire him at the time but then at the last minute they went with someone else (which shocked not only us but the recruiter). The reason I bring this up is because this same recruiter had this same job open again, a year later with the company and wanted him to go back and interview again. So he did. Once again it looked like he was going to get the job. NOPE! Once again, they took someone else. It was like a major slap in the face to him and I really, really felt bad now.

    So here we are, at the end of the same week with both of these things having occurred and the first recruiter with the big insurance company tells him to try and hang tight that maybe they could try and work something out with the company and get him in there somehow. If not he was personally going to make it his mission (and send out an SOS to ALL the locations -they have nationwide offices) to get him a job stat. Never materialized. Situations like this happened 2 more times with jobs, coming so close were it looked like he had the job and then nothing. The first one where he was literally hired and then it being yanked was the worst however! I've never seen or heard anything like it.:(

    On to the foreclosure situation.....so we're thinking we have this deadline and have to move, the date is coming nearer. I check with the law firm who is representing the bank who is foreclosing on the owner because at this point that is who we are/have to be in contact with and our current realty company who manages the property for the owner is giving us a hassle about giving our deposit back (which by law they couldn't do). I call her on a Thursday. She tells me that tomorrow or Monday at the latest she was going to fax a copy of paperwork to realty company proving they have the deed now because foreclosure/sale went through and this is what realty company was demanding to give us our deposit back. Come Tuesday I get a call from her. She tells me " I didn't fax that paperwork to the realty company, I can't! The foreclosure is null and void. We can't touch the property! The owner pre-empted the foreclosure by filing bankrupty in MI the day before the sale went through! (we live in NC so while the foreclosure was filed in NC courts, they had no idea what was going on up there) GREEEEAAAT! Now what do we do????? :confused:

    She can't tell me. I get on the phone and speak to lawyer because at this point we have no clue what we're suppose to do, how this affects us, or where to turn. Basically it boils down to this......we can stay here until the owner's bankruptcy gets discharged at which point the foreclosure will go through and be processed and we will have 90 days under the law (but we already know that they are not going to give us that unless we want to push back at them, they were going to offer us the chance to do cash for keys but only on the lowest end possible). We have to continue paying the realty company (who gets to keep deposit and still abide by lease terms - although we have no lease and still operate under the terms of the foreclosure rules - which means we only have to give 10 days notice as opposed to 60 days per our lease). Confused yet?:crazy1: Plain english....our lease protects us while we stay but the foreclosure law also protects us and enables us to leave easier if we choose to since we are "technically" under foreclosure terms.

    Now for the laptop incident.....we took the laptop apart, SO is computer professional by trade. We needed the power jack soldered unto the motherboard, which is something he isn't comfortable doing nor has the tools to do but otherwise probably could have done. We took it to a local repair place after purchasing the power jack, which we ordered thinking it was the right one based on specs. Turns out the model laptop we have can have 2 different ones in it and we had the wrong one so repair place ordered the right one then repaired. So far so good, or so we thought. When we got it back home and went to start it up, NO go! :( Took it back to them and they said "oh we had to move the CPU and memory, try reseating it", so we did. Nope, still no go and we took it back. They said they'd look at it. Another week went by. We called for status and they told us, "well there is power to the power jack" and we told them well there is a problem because when we brought it to them the system did work (worked with power jack and by battery) and now it will not work at all (booting up). The gist of it, they say "we can't prove who did it, how do we know it didn't happen when you brought it to us!" Ummmmm, excuse us??? SO is a computer professional by trade, knows what he is doing, they TOLD us to bring it to them, acknowledge it was working ok prior and now are back pedaling trying to get out of the fact that they totally destroyed the motherboard in soldering the power jack unto it.:mad: We are livid. They will do nothing, they didn't even offer to refund the money it cost to repair the power jack or anything. We have filed a complaint with the BBB to which the response from them was "SO needs to provide proof/certification that he can repair laptops"!!!:mad: Oh yeah right???? We need to prove that he can repair computers because you s***d up the motherboard with your repairs and are trying to get out of it? Also, the owner of this company has not once called or spoken to us and has avoided us. This was all done via one of his employee's no less. We have tried to speak to him direct. We've had to now replace the laptop and of course it is not the same as the original one as we can't afford that right now. The original was a very high end one for SO's work purpose but he needs to have something now too.

    Now for where are current status is.......

    We are prepared to move and will still be doing so. I want and have wanted OUT of this area (subdivision and school district - Fran and Janet might understand the school reasons). The subdivision has not been kind to us since almost the first year we moved in with the difficult children. They've spent most of their time inside when they should be able to be outside playing but it was too much trouble and hassle for them to be out as someone was always making trouble for them. I know they aren't angels but for adults to go around and talk/causing trouble is just plain wrong! Kids are hard enough on each other and the adults were aiding it.

    I'm not sure where we'll move just yet. Kiddos have got to get enrolled in school real soon so I've sort of set a goal. We may just pull up stakes and move more southwest in state since it seems there is more work coming out of that region and in some cases they want "local" onlys to apply to them. That might help SO get a job. Not many jobs to be had here. He's applied everywhere from PA down to FL. Speaking of which, there is a good possibility (iron in the fire right now) of a job in Jacksonville, Fl right now. If so, it would move quick and we might have to be down there within the month. While I know Fl's schools are not great by any means, and Jacksonville itself has really bad crime and traffic, I'm hoping the outskirts might be better. Anyone have any input to offer me please? I lived in FL in 1984/1985 but that was in Tampa and Orlando area at the time and it's a different world there and back then.

    The 2 girls will be back home next week and we'll all be together again. I can't say I didn't miss them, I did a little but it has been nice with soooo much less stress of gfgness in all this chaos that has been going on and not having to deal with that too. Little dude has been here and he has his own issues but for the most part, he's been playing video games inbetween bugging us. The bad part, he doesn't want middle difficult child to come home at all....ever! :( Sadly, he hasn't missed her and I suspect older difficult child hasn't missed her either as she was/is the center point of most of the chaos in the house when it comes right down to it. ~really big sigh~

    So that's my saga, story, soap opera.....thanks for listening. I'll try to be around as much as possible and start answering some more posts again now but I'm still in the midst of moving/planning too so it's still limiting. Healthwise, it's taken a major toll and had some tests done during this all. They didn't come back positive so it's only added to the stress but I refuse to let any of my health take the front row to this as there isn't time for that right now at all!

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    Hey Tia! Glad you're able to check in! I couldn't read too much (we have physical therapy session going on)! Just for fun, why not contact the People's Court for the laptop? Whether you win or lose, you recoup the losses plus a stipend for appearing on the show. Call them and see, either way, I'd file in small claims court.

    I'll read the rest later - sounds like your having the Irish luck worse than me! ;)

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    check ur mailbox job search my zip for i.t., come to sc, rent my house - let me go home :tongue:
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    Tia - glad you are able to check in now and then. Sounds like quite a lot has been going on!

    Fingers crossed on the move & SOs Job search!