Help Find Pumpkin's Father

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    We have just seen on our TV news that 'America's Most Wanted' is featuring this animal.

    Back in September we were horrified, along with the rest of Australia to hear of a little girl who had been abandoned at Melbourne's main railway station. What emerged over the next few days and weeks read like a television crime show script.

    The little girl, Qianxun Xue was nicknamed Pumpkin because of her Pumpkin Patch brand clothing. When she was found she was so distraught that she had lost even the minimal English she had. She was asking for her mother in Chinese and didn't know where Daddy was. She turned out to be the three year daughter of an apparently reconciled Chinese couple who were living and working in New Zealand.

    We now know that her mother was murdered in NZ about the same time as they came to Australia. Her father dumped his daughter at the railway and headed for the airport where he flew out to Los Angeles.

    Now Marg has grabbed my computer and put her bit in...
    At the time the man and his daughter were eventually identified, grave fears were held not only for the little girl's mother, but also for the man's older daughter by an earlier marriage - that girl had been missing for ten years. When she saw the story on the news she came forward - now in her early twenties. She claimed that she had been in hiding for those years in fear of her father's violent temper.

    Pumpkin was kept in a foster home in Australia until her maternal grandmother arrived from China. Before they found the grandmother the half-sister had offered to foster the little girl (who she had not known about). But it's been agreed, Pumpkin is to be raised in China by her grandmother but keep her dual citizenship (Chinese/NZ), and her half-sister is continuing to have contact.

    Our news has already released a lot of detail about him, back when they thought he was here, in hiding. He considers himself a martial arts expert, he has history of violence and paranoia, according to people who came forward.

    Okay Marg's finished. This guy is VERY dangerous so don't approach him. Whether he did kill his wife or not is still subject to the test of law but, as far as I am concerned, he is guilty because he abandoned his duaghter in a strange city in another country.

    Put the word out and, if you can, help the police get this ratbag (I was using a stronger adjective but Marg assures me that the site censor will not allow it) back to New Zealand to face his just desserts.
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    So heartbreaking. Glad her grandmother was able to find her and take custody. Also glad her sister was able to come forward.

    Here in America maybe we can find him.

    Is there a photo of him somewhere that a link can be posted to?

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    The really despicable thing - this bloke left Melbourne Airport to go into the city - it's a good hour's drive or more - just to dump his daughter at the biggest train station in Melbourne, and then went back to the airport to fly out of the country. I suppose it's a preferable fate to what happened to the little girls' mother... but for a three year old child to be left in a busy train station in a foreign country, when she barely speaks more than a few words of the language - despicable. And for the person doing this to be her father - unthinkable.

    Here's hoping someone recognises him.

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    How awful! I'm so glad though that the little girls family was located.

    If the story was featured on "Americas Most Wanted", there's a very good chance that he will be captured. They have an AMAZING record of finding these people.
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    Oh my! My heart goes out to that little girl. I'm glad her grandmother is there for her, and that she'll get to keep her dual citizenship.

    If anyone can find this piece of pond scum "Americas Most Wanted" can. Like Donna said, they have an amazing track record.

    I'll keep my eyes open, but I doubt he's headed for a tiny rural area like ours.