Help..IEP concern they say I don't need to sign!

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Kjs, May 29, 2007.

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    As you all know I had the school psychologist test my son, I had requested an FBA, and then we met for the IEP meeting last Monday. When it concluded I didn't get a copy of anything. Not sure what the tests were all about, and assumed I would get a copy of both and have to sign them both.

    It has been a week, so I emailed the SW and school psychologist. I asked when I would be getting a copy of the testing and IEP to go over before I signed. I received a response back that stated I do not need to sign the IEP, only initial. I have not SEEN the IEP, and not sure I agree with all or little that has been written up. I responded back and said, I did not intitial anything, therefore it is not complete correct? She just replied with this one line answer.
    "You signed last year, when Alex was initially brought into the program"
    Does that mean any IEP that is ever done does not have to be signed? That I do not get to review it or agree to it?
    I am having panic attacks now because this is suppose to be complete so they can have him placed in the best place for him next year.
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    any iep, revised or updated, needs to be signed by you showing you are in agreement. they might tell you differently, or try to convince you that you have to sign even if you didn't agree with what everyone else determined, but that is not true and be sure not to sign any iep that you are not in complete agreement with. take your time reviewing it and checking to see if everything you want done for your difficult child is covered in specifics. make sure you get a copy. don't let them convince you that they have out-voted you.
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    They only took notes in a notebook when I was at the meeting. then they spoke to each other saying, "I'll get this typed up and give it to you". I just assumed that when it was typed up I would be given a copy for review. But my conversations this morning with the social worker she has made it quite clear that my ONLY signature needed is when he entered into the Special Education Program, and not on any further IEP. I never was even able to view it, they took notes in a notebook. And since last Monday's meeting difficult child has been removed from class every single day. I am not in agreement with why they removed him and I am quite certain that whatever is written in the IEP that his teachers will not follow the expectations. I do not think they know how!! I am just having a complete anxiety attack right now. Time is running out and I cannot deal with this kind of placement next year. I need this done NOW.
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    pplease try to get an advocate on board right away before you end up in our shoes with sd- and i'd start documenting all phone calls and everything else, then submit written request for school records-if you call clerk at your school board to ask how to go about requesting school records, it might jump-start them. also, see if there is a district head of Special Education to call.
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    I have to throw in here that I believe it depends on state re: signatures. In 3 different states we've lived, I have *never* had to sign for an IEP to go into effect. We sign in at the beginning of the meeting to show we were there, and that's it. If we hammer out an acceptable IEP, then we're done. If not, there's a page as part of the IEP mtg that documents discussions and should indicate that you do not agree. I have been known to send in my own documentation of discussions that weren't contained on the form the district fills out (I always give them 10 days to inform me in writing if they disagree with- my recollection of mtg, and I *always* request that my documentation be added to kiddo's permanent file). You do sign consent when they perform initial and triannual evaluations, but that's not the IEP.

    However, as a member of the IEP team, you must agree with- the IEP. If you don't, it isn't an IEP. I would strongly suggest you sit down and document your recollection of the mtg, including your suggestions and objections, and forward to the sped director. Since you do not agree with- the IEP as written at last mtg, it's not in effect. (Certified mail - *always*)

    Also, you should have a copy of the IEP and all relevant testing - I don't leave IEP mtgs without them. Check your state regulations - in IL they have XX days to get requested copies of records out (can't remember specifics, thank goodness!!). They cannot charge you for these copies. Again, request in writing via certified mail copies of *proposed* IEP since it sounds like you don't agree with- the draft as written at last IEP mtg.
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    I agree with all the comments. Document everything. Legally, your approval is needed for changes to take effect.
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    I was told today by the Special Education director at the district office that "the laws have changed" Our signature in only needed for initial placement. It is no longer needed on any IEP. Also was told that we cannot remove him from the program.

    We had this meeting two years ago. The spec. ed. director was at the meeting in elementary school. We refused to enter him into the program at that time because my concern was that we (parents) wanted the say so in his education. We did not want school to decide what and when he would do things. What classes he would take, etc. We were assured that we would ALWAYS be a part of the IEP team, and we would always have to sign off showing our approval. AND we could pull him out at any time if we did not like the program. We refused in 5th grade, but when he entered middle school things went down hill fast. By semester we were given an ultimatum either we put him in Special Education. or he gets expelled due to behavior issues. So, we put him in, again assured we could take him out at any time.
    I cannot find anything that says they need our signature, and I cannot find anything that states we can remove him. I am terrified of what will now happen to him. Will he be at the mercy of the school system forever?
    I don't know how to find an advocate. From what I see there is not any in our area.

    Now, yesterday she said the laws have changed and we cannot pull him out even if we wanted to.
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    Try loooking up your state's dept. of education web site and see if you can find a link to their laws for sp educ.

    hope this helps!