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    My son started his current school last year. We made a move from a VERY small system (about 30 grads a year) to a HUGE system (900-1000 a year). We thought this would offer more help for both our children academically and socially. Well, difficult child immediately started having trouble, grades went from A-B's to D-F's partly I feel is because at the old school he had had the same teacher since 1st grade.

    He is in general education classes, but is pretty much segerated. He has been placed next to the teachers desks, goes to bathroom breaks alone, leaves class 5 min. early (as not to have runins with bullies) and attention has been called to the fact that he is different. One of his teachers actually said "Blake you are being weird today" in front of the class.

    We have had several meetings with the school and teachers. He was placed on a 504 plan, which doesn't help at all. The teachers do not follow it. I have talked to the teachers and counselor on an almost daily basis. I have been asking for academic or psychological testing for him or both because of what is going on. Well after weeks of hearing nothing on that subject the counselor emailed me and said she wanted an evaluation from the psychiatrist BEFORE she contacted the school psychologist.

    Well, we just started going to the new psychiatrist (only 1 visit). He changed all of Blake's medications and said that he is going to treat him as ADHD and Bipolar but we are just beginning. It is impossible for the psychiatrist to see him 1 time and know exactly what is going on. The school is really hacking me off. It is like they are setting him up for failure because he does not fit the norm to them.

    Ok now to the question. What are our rights to testing? Do we have to provide an evaluation from the psychiatrist first? Isn't that like double testing? What can I do about the out and out segeration and name calling of my son? They have even called him annoying in email's to me! I don't want to push so hard that I cause trouble for him all through school in this district, but I want him to get all the assistance he needs.

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    I recommend reposting in Special Education 101. The moderators Martie and Sheila really know their stuff.

    I believe if you request an evaluation with testing from the school in a certfied letter, the school must evaluate within 60 days. The school cannot force you to have an outside evaluation for the purposes of determining how your difficult child's disability is impacting his education. However, it is in your difficult child's best interest to provide a letter from the psychiatrist stating your difficult child's diagnosis and possible school accommodations/services that might help him.
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    I'm not sure about your area, but all I had to do was request testing (in writing--not certified) and the school had to reply to my request within 30 days (I am in Maryland). Testing was completed within 40 days. Once we got to the point of the school system finally preparing an IEP for my child, I was then asked to bring in a report from her developmental pediatrician to be a part of her file. Believe me the schools (especially the larger they are) will resist and count on you not knowing your rights. I was even told "it will go a lot faster if you do it with a private doctor." As I said to them, "Why, if I request it you have to do it." I did research on line regarding testing and IEP (Individualized Education Plans) and came up with all kinds of information, including a sample of the letter that should be sent to the school. You don't want to make it more difficult for your child, but you have to be warrior parents because you are you child's advocate and if the school can get away with not doing it believe me they will.
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    I have requested testing and the counselor emailed me today and said they wanted an evaluation from the diagnosis psychiatrist. Well we don't go back until 4-10 and this is only our 2nd visit. We just changed due to ins. and behavior changes. So essentially we are starting all over and for difficult child that is good. Because for 7 years they have been treating ADHD only and we have been on almost every ADHD medication and nothing works. So now we are finally getting somewhere with the other symptoms.

    I emailed her the ADHD evaluation. which showed extreme negative mood, anxiety, depression, poor self perception, and talked about him hearing voices, and feeling loss of self worth and was graded with all of these scientific scales which was done by Family and Children Services and she still had the nerve to ask to an evaluation from the diagnosis psychiatrist only. They have been on my kids a** all year and now they don't even want to help him!
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    A 504 plan carries the same weight as an IEP. Teachers can not choose not to follow anything written in the plan. Study the special education laws and use them to your advantage.
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    I have been asking since the beginning of school to have him tested or try to figure out what can help him. First they came up with the 504 then we talked about daily emails then we had a conference with both teachers, prin., asst. prin., school coun. and me, sd, and bd things went well for a bit then back to the same ol thing. So now I have asked again for him to be acad. and/or psy tested for services and first the counselor said I will get in touch with the school psy and let you know what we can do. So yesterday I emailed back and the councelor said I need an evaluation from the diagnosis psychiatrist so I gave her the latest evaluation. for ADHD which showed a load of things, today she said she wanted a written statement from the psychiatrist with diagnosis's and a typed or stamped contact number. I am so fed up. My husband says I should email the school psy myself and the superintendent with all the emails we have traded this year.

    What do you guys think?
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    You need to send a letter (NOT an email) requesting a complete evaluation via CERTIFIED MAIL. That starts a timeline mandated by federal law under which the school must abide. I believe Sheila referred you to sample letters in her post on Special Education 101.