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Hi, all. I am Lora from Toronto. It is for my son I writing here. It is for my son I writing here. My son was an addict and he was under alcohol and drugs for so many years. My son for whom I am living was out of my control. He met with an accident and last year and he is still under medicines for that. I was asked to take proper care of my son and give him support in whatever he does. It was last month that he showed some signs of recovery. But I found a strange two weeks before that my son is taking too much pain killers. It is like he is addicted to that. doctor has asked to take painkillers if he has any joint pains but my son found pleasure in having that and now he is like totally addicted to that. After that accident, I thought he won't go back to his older days. But this is bothering me a lot. I have fixed an appointment at Helix healthcare ( http:// ) for an addiction treatment. I want my son to be free from this situation. I can't and I don't want to see his life going like this. I am living for him and he is not understanding that. I need a suggestion regarding medicines that could be good for joint pains other than painkillers. I can't take him to doctor for that as I don't want to put on shame. Is my decision a good one? Will this addiction treatment help my son in getting rid of this addiction?


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You, or your son, will have to be honest with the doctor and have the discussion about pain medications. It is a common problem. My son hurt his back at 18, and had to have a spinal fusion surgery at 27 years old. He was on pain medications before and after surgery. Getting off of them was awful, and once the doctor cut down or stopped the pain medications, he turned to street drugs.

It is very hard physically and emotionally to stop pain medications. The doctor wanted my son to take one less pain pill a day, until he was. Not taking any. Worst instructions ever!! I researched the medication, and found that my son should only decrease 10% a week!! He went thru horrible withdrawals...and ended up hospitalized, and put back on the same medications thru his IV.

Have the talk...if your son won't do it, you can leave a message with the doctor about your concerns. The doctor may not discuss this with you, but you could write a letter for your sons medical records.



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Hi Lora. Welcome. Sorry you had to find us.

After reading your post, my first thought is that his doctor needs to be brought in on your son's treatment plan though the adiction center. Otherwise it will be a possibility that your son is trying to give up a drug on the one hand and having it given to him on the other. Does your son's doctor know about your son's history of substance abuse? That certainly would affect what he is given to treat his joint pain.

I also would say that I don't think his potential substance abuse is anything to be ashamed of. A propensity to abuse substances is a disease. His doctor should know the complete picture, so he or she can treat his condition the best way.

Even those who have no addiction tendencies can get hooked on painkillers.

I wish him well in his recovery and his treatment. He sounds like a very loved young man. I think it is good he is getting help early.