lost 17

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I have a 17 yo male defitit . This is an example of 1 week. He has a car in my name. Car was 5000 we paid 3000 towards it. We were proud that he saved money. Things weren't going ok since April. But then the other week he can home with a pick up a friend fathers car because he was getting his brakes fixed . I did not like but just didn't get into it with him . Then this went on for almost 3 weeks. As time went on, clearly stated I want the car at the house because I am the one responsible for it ... 3 days i told him texted the ar needed to be in the drive or I report it stolen . In the text he was verbally abusive to me and disrespectful . That night he can home around 11: 00 pm I was in bed and thought I could turn a blind eye or go check to see if the car was in the driveway it wasn't .... So I went to the room asked wear it was he said something... I saw his phone which I pay for and brought as a gift with my mother in law and took it .... he then manhandled be was aggressive verbally abusive.... said I was a bad mother ... I was a pit stop .... had no respect for me and my husband (his Dad) kick my door my husband and him got in a fight .... finally next dad]y car at house .....I did not speak to him for 2 days ....that night he was in a car accident ... totaled his car ... he is fine no one injured ... he called me sorry for everything he ever did we were supportive .... help him get stuff from car her paid to have it junked.... we are paying for a lawyer .... tickets 6 point might loose licence ....well now 2 weeks later same crap .... now we need to give him rides makes us wait 10 mins after we worked all day for him to come out of friends house .... the other day I picked him up ... it was my 12 day working in a row ... I have a full time job part time job and in college taking 3 classes .... I was tried made a wrong turn he was verbally abusive putting me down I asked him to get out of the car he did not finely got home .... acted like nothing happened and said he would like to take a friend to a play we were talking about going to early in the week .... I said nothing to him then and nothing since .....Does anybody else have this behavior ? How do I handle this ? He does basically what ever he want to a point .