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    We just moved into a new district and my difficult child is now attending a new jr.high.Ok,he has only been there 8 days,he does have an IEP which states that he needs resourse for 2 periods a day.Well,the school said that there resourse is full and they have been meeting with the district because they only have a resourse teacher there half a day. So they said my son would be placed in about a week.In the mean time his english teacher has been riding his behind constantly.Which when I registerd my son I brought a copy of his IEP since it takes a while to get his file from the other school district.I received a call from his schools V.P and she said maybe I should pushed the district since they aren't complying fast enough,so I did.He is being placed MONDAY.But in the 8 days he has been in school this teacher hasn't followed the IEP.He writes notes like seen your son at school way before 7:30.My husband dropped him off early like around 7.24.Now another note in my sons agenda saying he's failing 25 percent and in a big letter F . My difficult child is Bipolar/Adhd plus he has panic attack/anxiety.Now my difficult child tells me he feels sick in his stomach before he goes to that class.Can they hold them to that F grade?I had talked to that teacher and I felt he didn't care,I actually wanted to pull him through the phone and tell him to listen up now.
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    Hi! Request a meeting with the VP (who seems to be "up to date" on the situation AND the teacher - who seems to be "up to date" at being a dork!). Spell out the situation clearly and if it seems that this guy is going to ride him all year ask for a x-fer into a new class!

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    Unless you gave a copy of difficult child's IEP to his teachers, I doubt he has a copy of it since difficult child has only been at this school for such a short time.

    You might want to consider faxing a copy of the IEP to the Principal and/or Special Education Director with-a note explaining that it doesn't appear it has been distributed to difficult child's teachers and it's causing some problems for difficult child that will get out of hand if not handled promptly.

    I always hate it when things get off to a bad start....shudder, shudder.

    I'm assuming this is an in-state transfer. If so, the following applies:

    Regulations: Part 300 / D / 300.323
    Sec. 300.323 When IEPs must be in effect.

    (e) IEPs for children who transfer public agencies in the same State. If a child with a disability (who had an IEP that was in effect in a previous public agency in the same State) transfers to a new public agency in the same State, and enrolls in a new school within the same school year, the new public agency (in consultation with the parents) must provide FAPE to the child (including services comparable to those described in the child's IEP from the previous public agency), until the new public agency either--

    (1) Adopts the child's IEP from the previous public agency; or

    (2) Develops, adopts, and implements a new IEP that meets the applicable requirements in Sec. Sec. 300.320 through 300.324.
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    I know that makes you sick! I could get ahold of these teachers sometimes and help them learn a thing or 2! I would do as others have said, talk with the one in charge and let them know that there are some problems and it seems that oviously his IEP hasn't been distributed to his teachers and now he is feeling the effects of it. Ya know, it really makes me sick to no end, because if we don't stand up for our difficult child's, NOONE will!!!!!