Hemp Seed/Has anyone tried this seed and has it given you good result if you have??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. Jody

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    I am interested and have heard that adding Hemp Seed to your diet can do some wonderful things. I can't imagine if it does all that they say it does, why have I not ever heard of it. Have you, and has anyone tried it? It's a little expensive, I just called a local Health food store and they said it's $7.69 per 8 ounce bag.
  2. DammitJanet

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    Ummmm...isnt that pot seeds?
  3. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    It is from that family of plants, but is not pot, you will not have a positive test for marijuana on a drug screening. It is from that family, like a cat is in the same family as a tiger.
  4. Nancy

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    Lol Janet, that's what I thought. I bet it's one of the restricted items for recovering addicts to injest though.

  5. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    It's crazy the things that it says it does:

    More essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 than any fish.
    More digestible protein than meat. eggs. cheese, human milk, cows milk or any other high protein food,
    Rich in vitamin E
    Increases energy levels and metabolic rate
    Lowes blood ldl
    Lowers blood pressure
    Improves cardiovasular circulation and function
    improves immunity levels
    reduces pms and menstrual cramps
    reduces inflammation and the symptoms of arthritis
    improves recovery of muscles after exercise
    reduces and treats dry skin and hair conditions
    reduction of many degenrative diseases through preventative measures
    no known allergies known, can be eaten by people who cannot tolerate nuts, gluten lactose or sugar.

    I got those from a website. I hope it helps with my arthritis, well I hope it helps with all the above. Just seems like I would have heard about this before if it's so healthy for you.
  6. keista

    keista New Member

    What's old is new again. I don't doubt the "healing" properties of it. And it should be devoid of cannabis side effects, but would definitely be cautious due to your diagnosis's and medications. Always check with dr or pharmacists - pharmacists usually know more about supplement interactions.
  7. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    I might be wrong but it doesn't say it's a supplement. It's a seed, like pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, sunflower seed. Am I missing something?
  8. donna723

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    That's sure sounds like what we used to mix in to make those "special brownies" back in the sixties!
  9. Jody

    Jody Active Member

    Uh oh, maybe I shouldn't try them. LOL. I smoked a little when I was a teenager and boy, it didn't do any of the things listed below. Just made me very ditzy. Don't need to be anymore of that.
  10. Marcie Mac

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    Two kinds of hemp - one is for industrial use (fibers for cloth and things) and one is recreational :)

    Those seeds are realllly really tiny - couldn't even imagine just popping a handful of some in my mouth like pumpkin seeds - talk about dry mouth

    Comming from the 60's would say there were a lot of benefits from hemp LOL

  11. keista

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    The seeds are being sold as seeds (food product) but marketed as supplements (look at these "magical" benefits). Strawberries are healthy and delicious and have all sorts of "magical" properties, but some ppl are highly allergic. Same with Bee pollen and Royal Jelly.

    I would just be cautious exploring this and adding it to my diet due to the "unknown factors" (yes I know that's why you posted and are looking for feedback here :) ) and the fact that it is, although distantly, related to Mary Jane. Back in the 'old country' my dad and his friends used to cut accross a hemp field on the way home from school they remembered always being VERY 'happy' once they got home.
  12. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I have heard of it for years. Actually did a research project on hemp in high school - assigned topic, not my choice. Pot is a type of hemp, but not all hemp is pot or has anything similar to pot in effect on people. I tend to NOT believe that anything with that many benefits can actually deliver. They will do some of that in some people, but rarely all of that in anyone, certainly not in every one. I don't think they will hurt you, and I doubt there is any reliable research to uphold the health claims of being better than fish or whatever. I do know htat flax seed is supposed to be a great source of omega 3's and fiber.

    Don't waste time asking a doctor about supplements. Very few have any clue or any more info than a lay person. They have a tough time staying current on the various properties of medications other than what the drug reps tell them - quite a few docs have told me this. If the drug rep lies it can take a LONG time for docs to accept that they bought lies. It is why so many people with bipolar were given neurontin even years after the court settlement that happened because the maker KNEW it didn't work but pushed it for that anyway.

    Pharmacists have a much better knowledge of what supplements can do, and often still don't know much. Try reading online from sites that are not selling it. also order online because usually online co's move a lot more of the product so they have fresher product than local stores. I do know that catnip tea, not made from stuff sold for pets but from stuff in health food stores, is amazing for stomach problems and colic in babies. I have now known of 30 children who responded almost like magic to it. We tried it out of desperation and feeling that it was a mint (like peppermint or spearmint) and probably couldn't hurt. It turned fussy screaming unhappy for two straight weeks thank you into a cooing smiling laughing baby who slept all night for the first time - 8 hours straight that night and every night afterward. All it took was steeping a tea bag (available loose or in tea bags from our health food store( for three min, and mixing 2 oz with 2 oz water and formula to make a 4 oz bottle. Total miracle.

    since then I have given herbs more of a chance than I did before. most do NOT work as well as claimed, at least on us. But I don't think it can hurt to try. Just go online or find a whole food store that might sell it more affordably and move more product.

    Is this for arthritis or something else? I know many people swear by pumpkin seed oil as a supplement. It does nothing when taken internally, at least for husband and I. Used on wrinkles and eczema it is incredible. I got some to try because it sounded interesting and I mix it with shea butter and sometimes emu oil and always vit E oil (helps skin and is an excellent ingred to keep it from spoiling) and if I have it macadamia nut oil. OMG it is incredible. I had to tell my aunt to make her own because she and her friends went through so much of it that I couldn't keep up. They all use it instead of night cream and have for years now.
  13. keista

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    Susie, sounds like you might have to sell your mix on the net! Does it work on dried out and cracking winter skin? I know a few gals who would want to try it.
  14. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    kiesta, it is amazing on cracked and broken winter skin. My kids get that if they are outside much in the cold and I have psoriasis (atypical because I can't be typical in anything, can I, lol!). Most commercial products end up irritating my skin or even causing allergic reactions after a while. It is one reason I started concocting skin care products. another thing that is awesome on cracked dried out skin are sugar scrubs. NOTHING is easier to make, but buying them costs a fortune. You just put regular sugar, the kind from 5 lb bags, into a small container, add enough oil to make a loose paste and if desired a bit of essential oil that you like. There are all sorts of places online where you can learn about what essential oil does what for skin. Stir and use as any commercial scrub. You can use larger sugar crystals like sugar in the raw if you want, but mostly it just ups the cost, in my opinion. I did twelve containers of "candy cane scrub" for xmas gifts in less than fifteen minutes. I usually use canola oil because it doesn't spoil easily. The sugar is actually a preservative in that quantity so it will keep for a couple of months with veg oil or canola oil. It hads to be refrigerated if you use olive or jojoba oil as the main oil. Canola or veg oil is cheaper and works just as well so i don't bother. I used about three drops of peppermint oil per 1 cup container - it was super cheap, esp with a homemade label (done with a sharpie so it wouldn't smear or run the way a printed one would) and everyone thought it was super luxurious. Two people asked where I bought it and three others wanted to know how I made it. ALL were stunned at how easy it was and said it was a LOT better than the ones they got a bath and body works.

    For skin that was super dried out I would put maybe a teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil in the scrub if I didn't care what color it was. Pumpkin seed oil turns things a sort of brownish green that is pretty unappealing - so nothing made with it goes into a clear container, lol. If you do the shea butter cream, you can add a little bit of melted beeswax for a firmer consistency. add enough beeswax and you have an awesome lip balm and cuticle cream. I re-use altoid tins, and jars like carmex comes in to keep this stuff in. Sometimes if I want to make a lot of little containers I get the empty paint containers like come in paint by number sets. Hobby stores like hobby lobby and michaels sell them cheap and they are great for homemade lip balm, creams, etc.... IF you ever want to do a girl party making homemade spa products I have a TON of recipes. J's fave birthday party combined learning csi type things like fingerprinting, etc... and making spa products. Not sure HOW she came up with wanting to do that, it was all her idea and her friends, but it was fun.

    If you want to know if difficult child really did use something or go somewhere, fingerprinting is fairly easy. A bit of cocoa powder or flour, some clear tape, and a fluffy makeup brush and a magnifier are all you need. Well, and a copy of his fingerprints - a stamp pad or marker and white paper is all you need for that. My dad showed me years ago and it has been very handy with a lying if his mouth is moving difficult child. Anyway, if you want spa recipes, body care recipes, etc... let me know.
  15. klmno

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    I thought it was pot seeds too. To answer your question- I'm doubting that I'd lose any weight if I added it to my diet.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Wonder what comes out in the end? ...........Rope?
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    Awesome Star* exactly what I was thinking..............

    Due to my difficult child being over involved in researching these types of things - apparently morning glory seeds are also a hallucinogenic. He went to go buy some, and found out they are outlawed in AZ................You know, just FYI :) lol
  19. Nomad

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    I recall hearing something on DR. Oz show about grinding hemp seed and making a mix to "bread" chicken in it and then baking. They said it tasted good, was low in calories and very good for you.
    I'm glad you reminded me...was gonna try it.
  20. DammitJanet

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    well I have a jar here. wonder if cory would notice if I fried the chicken in them? LOL