Here we go again! Need Suggestions


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Hi all. Well he has destabilized again. The worse part is this time, I DONT THINK I CAN HANDLE IT!!! I went to the dr to pick up a new script. Walked into the hospital and just started crying. He was talking suicide, death to others, separation anxiety out the window! This has been 3 weeks ago. Got new medications, got into a psychologist. Suicide talk has back off, but the angery outburst are driving me mad! My husband is no help either. He cant handle it this time. He starts yelling at him and putting him down when he starts one of "his moods" regardless of who is around.

This is not new, but worse. He is going to be 14 shortly. Getting bigger and stronger. He cant seem to let anyone take my attention from him if we are together. He runs his sister out of the room. If I try to watch TV, he will do whatever he can to distract me, even if he picked the show. The only one he backs down from is my husband. If he is in our room with-me. difficult child 3 will act like a normal kid and come in and watch TV. If not, forget it.

He calls me 50 times a day! I have just started ignoring his calls. Then he gets very angry. I work with clients so I am away from my cell for long periods of time. Yesterday he called 18 times in 45minutes!

Okay folks, any suggestions?


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I would continue to ignore the calls. Deal with the anger later in a matter of fact way - you can not answer your phone all the time.

Did they change medications when at the hospital last time?
Even though I don't know which difficult child is in crisis mode, I agree with Busywend. I think you need to ignore the phone calls and deal with them after work, at a more appropriate time.

I'm sorry things are so rough for you right now!!! Hugs. WFEN


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Hi. I'm also wondering who is treating him. He seems to be getting worse, not better. If a Psychiatrist (with the MD) isn't treating him first and foremost, I'd have him see one, and I'll also get neuropsychologist testing.