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    This has been a rough two weeks let me tell you all! I go to the Neuropsychologist have a great appointment there. He thinks difficult child may have ADD/ADHD at least a mild case along with ODD. He told me the ODD is a "garden" type diagnosis but she shows some signs. Get approval for testing insurance is going to pay for it so all should be a go right? Wrong my ex wont give permission for the testing, talk to the dr along with the other two that take my insurance and no one will touch her without permission.

    Now I have an appointment with my lawyer on Monday, along with a first time therapy appointment for me. I feel like I am losing my mind.

    Now I have found out my difficult child has failed English for the first half of the year which means if she is going to get promoted to 11th grade she will need to take half a session of summer school!
    She was doing good on Celexa but now I see signs of slipping. She is angry I mean really angry almost all the time, napping every day and always tired.
    She sees a new psychiatrist (her old one left the area) in two weeks so it will be a full new patient exam. I wonder what the diagnosis will be this time around.

    Is it usually for this much anger with teen depression? She can't focus in class, can sleep A LOT, and just seems miserable.
    In turn I feel horrible right along with her.
    I can only hope that we can do the neuropsychologist testing soon. Grr my ex is such an idiot! He doesn't care at all about her well being but he is holding to the last thread of control he has over her and me!
    Ok this vent is done for now!
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    I'm sorry your ex is being such a PITA. Your difficult child sounds a lot like my easy child (who isn't necessarily a easy child) especially when she was deep in her depression in November and December. She could sleep like I couldn't believe and the anger-unbelievable. Her grades totally took a dive as well. Hugs to you.
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    I am so sorry your ex is being a jerk. It is so tough to know your kid needs help and know that the major roadblock is her parent. I am glad you have a therapy session booked - they can be lifesavers for us moms.

    Please have your lawyer fight your ex. Sending lots of hugs and support to you, and a big ole kick in the seat of his britches to your ex!
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    Geeze....I am never ceased to be amazed at the number of ex's who put their frustration, anger, dissappointment, self-centeredness, etc., above the needs of their children. Geeze.

    Would it do any good to take the bonehead (meet the bonehead) to a coffee shop, or some other public place, and have a talk? Point out that if his daughter had a horrible rash, or her blood suger was off, etc., would he deny her being tested to find out what was wrong? This testing is going to help his daughter's quality of life. Why is he fighting against his daughter?

    You know, it's not unusual for a teen your daughter's age to be depressed, to sleep a lot, and to be angry. Some of that is typical teen angst stuff. However, when it interferes with her ability to live her life, is affecting her grades, is affecting her social relationships, and is deteriorating her family relationships, it's something to really get serious about. Depression manifests itself very differently in youngers and teens. Many kids display the outward signs of depression with anger. You are doing all the right things - I'm sorry ex is being such a bonehead - he's not the only ex around here acting like the back end of a donkey.

    Hopefully you can find away to show him the "light" so that your daughter can get the optimal treatment.