Here we go again !!!!

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    I just saw text messages on my phone from Difficult comes more drama !!! She said that she found out her boyfriend is cheating on her again and could I take my grandson for a few hours so she can "work" witch means she is going to go on her porn site that pays her for interacting with men....which totally disgusts me !!! I have had grand kids Friday Saturday and Monday!! I'm tired !!!!! Then she goes on to say I guess I have to do this on my own if I don't die first! I did not even respond though I do feel sorry for my little grand son cuz I know she is in one of her moods, but I need a break ! No matter how much I think i'm prepared for the next round it always puts me in a bad mood !! GOD I wish I could just stop my feelings !!
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    You seem very clear here sooooo tired:
    In my experience, I cannot stop my feelings. I can change my thinking and then it changes my feelings.

    I think you might feel better if you make a decision.

    You are in charge of you. She has no power that you do not give her.

    Is it possible to think about a time when it would work for you? You can propose tomorrow, for example, between certain hours...after you have had a chance to rest.

    That way you have set a limit, according to what works for have accommodated her...and you have protected your grandson.

    What do you think?
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  3. Tanya M

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    Hugs to you. Yes, if we only had an on / off switch for our emotions where our Difficult Child are concerned.
    Good for you for not responding. You are not her built in baby sitter.
    Why yes, she should be doing it on her own. Wow, is she ever laying on the guilt.

    You are so much stronger than you were a few months ago. Hold on to that.