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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Battle Weary, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Hi all, I'm a defence wife and mum of four from Australia. My eldest has profound global developmental delay, sensory defensive and autistic tenancies, the next in line Mr 6 is ODD, possible ADHD (which i think is wrong, personally i think aspergers) and just a treasure to deal with :tongue:, then there's Miss 3 who is just starting to be an issue, the youngest is still too young to be an issue so here's hoping she'll be easy to cope with.

    Mr 6 leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes at home, has slashed lounges, beds, curtains, kicked holes in walls, broken windows, savagely bit his older brother repeatedly, destroys his toys, breaks my things when he is angry, hurts his siblings for sh*Tourette's Syndrome and giggles, uses his room like a toilet, and the list goes on.

    Miss 3 is starting to copy his behaviour but I think she is more learnt behaviour than actual problem.

    I came upon this group and thought I'd stop in as I am at the end of my rope. My house is just a bomb shelter, the kids are always killing one another and I have a husband who just adds to the stress these days with constant yelling. All my mates have perfectly well behaved kids so really I have no one who understands that my house maybe a mess but I have been run ragged all day cleaning up the mess that my difficult child's have deliberately been throwing around the house.

    Their best combined effort was when they threw a 4L tin of paint around the house and ruined the carpet upstairs and down. That little stunt cost me $5k as it is not our house we rent.

    Well sorry it's so long, but that is a bit about my life. I hope I can make some friends in here with people who understand there a just days you want to scream and say things you don't mean just to vent and not have some well meaning friend/family member tell you that you shouldn't be saying that, or yelling blah blah blah....
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    Wow, sounds like you have your hands full. We have others from down under, and I am sure they will be along soon.

    Welcome, many here have had similiar experiences. I think the paint experience would have sent me over the edge. I think our most memorable was when difficult child called 911 because his sister was mean to him. I wasn't home, but husband was woken by a policeman at the door. difficult child now knows when it is appropriate and NOT appropriate to call 911!
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    Welcome Battle Weary! We're glad you found us, but sorry you had to. :)

    You are in good company here with your little "gifts from God" (difficult child), as we like to call them -- these are the kids in our lives that brought us here searching for support.

    When you get a chance, go to the User CP (control panel) tab at the top of the page and create a signature for yourself to help people remember the basics of your situation without having to ask you in every post.

    We do have a couple of Australian members, a New Zealander, a few from Europe, several Canadians, and a bunch of rag-tag Americans :p I hope you find the group to be as welcoming and supportive as I have over the years.

    You definitely have your hands full. Have any of your kids had a professional evaluation? Are any of them on medications? What's your husband's family tree like with respect to mental health? Yours? I look forward to getting to know you better!
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    Hi. Welcome. I am pretty new here but I can tell you it's a great place to come and chat with other people who have gone thru the things you are going thru now. There is not a support group here in my city. I cannot believe it, but it's true. You can get a lot of understanding/support and friendship here. We know about being done/finished/tired/exhausted/stressed and sometimes that is shortly after we get out of bed in the morning. Sounds like you have a house full and reason to be feeling the way you are. I went home to my house last night 2 hours early from work to clean and hardly got anything done. I informed my kids that at 8:30 PM, I am taking a walk trhu the house and anything they live behind I am going to put in my trunk and dispose of. No chance of them getting it out of the garbage can. I know it will be hard but I hope it changes the way they treat the living areas at home. I hope somehow you get some much needed rest soon. Hang in there!!!