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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by tracyf551, Nov 25, 2008.

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    Been busy latey, so i'm just checking in. Well difficult child is out of the house. he doesn't come by in the middle of the night anymore. But he does stop in about once a week (daylight hours). He knows he cannot stay, so he's only here for an hour or so. I did tell him I am making Thanksgiving dinner and we would like him to be here. (He's still my son, and I won't deny him a meal) I told him the time, so if he shows we'll see. Holidays are hard. You let them in, but you don't want them to get comfortable. Know what I mean? He still is not working. Says he and a friend are going to a temp agency to look for work. I've heard this before. So if he doesn't get a job thats on him.
    He came by this morning and knew I was off work today but he still left after a bit, he knows his visits put me on edge. I watch him every where he goes. We don't have much but we'd like to kept it.
    Well hope everyone has a great turkey day. Talk to you all soon.
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    Nice to read an update, Tracy. It's not exactly what you imagined for 2008 but it sounds like you have detached beautifully and your son has "gotten the picture". I hope your Thanksgiving Day brings both wonderful old memories and lovely new ones. DDD
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    Raising a difficult child has made me learn to adapt. At 5 I dreamed he's be a dr. At 10 I saw a hockey player. At 15 I saw him in jail. At 18 I knew I would probably bury him before he was 20. Now at 20, I see a young man with miscontrued ideology and thoughts, but with some sort of semi-"normal" future. He has come so far, but has so far to go. "Hope is a thing with feather....that sings a tune without a word and never stops at all." (E. Dickinson). So I watch him, grow and change, and I hope that whereever he ends up he is whole and happy.