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    I just thought I'd pop in and update and unload what little is in my brain. LOL! I'm still waiting to hear back about the HI job but I did get a call to follow up on my call to them Friday. I had thought that when I rec'd an email asking for documentation of things that it was in response to that message I'd left last week, but apparantly not. Anyway, I told this lady who called last night that I had rec'd an email from someone asking for stuff to be sent to another one of their offices and I had done that and they supposedly rec'd it Tues., according to Fed EX, but that I hadn't heard anything since. I asked if this meant they were trying to decide from several people or what. She said they have it narrowed down probably to a few. She said it was a VERY good sign that they had given me a phone interview from the actual supervisor-to-be and that they had asked for the documentation. She said both of these are good signs that they have narrowed the field and are getting ready to make an offer. She said if they have it narrowed to a few (vs already knowing they want me), that they will use the requested documentation to decide who is more qual'd for this actual position. The bad news- she ssaid it could take them a few more weeks, depending on how busy the HR person is with other positions to fill.

    I had another interview 2 hours away today and I'm pooped. I didn't think I stood a chance but went anyway and it turned out better than expected. They want to check a reference and decide on a salary range. That seemed to be the big barrier- they didn't mention having a bunch of other people to interview, but their faces dropped when I told them a salary range. I did make a point to say that this was based on what I'd been paid for the past five years but it was negotiable since I'm unemployed now so I will consider any offer, if they choose to make one. We all seemed to have a good reporte, which can go a long way.

    I can't put my creditors on hold another month so I'm going to be SOL pretty soon. I went to the PO yesterday and took some copies of documentation and a letter that I finally completed. It was nice and mainly documjented things he had agreed to verbally, listed the documentation I was providing (so I can't be accused of witholding info) and updated him on sd and mental health issues, since the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing. I kept the next portion brief and non-emotional, but said that since he would be acting as case manager, I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page and I covered difficult child's pattern of crashing in winter/spring which is when he's due to be released. Also, I mentioned a couple of other things. Then, while talking to him in person and talking about possible services- mainly, what can he order if difficult child crashes because once a kid is in their system, no other agency will help provide anything that isn't ordered by this agency, I was trying to get him to see that sometimes difficult child needs help with things other than behavior mod, so how can we get that if he emotionally crashes but has not broken the law yet.

    I couldn't believe this but he said "well he thinks difficult child is doing fine so might not need ANYTHING at all ordered now". IOW, he said he might change the order so difficult child is not to get a person to monitor him at home or anything other than monthly meetings with the PO. Well, this guy has contradicted himself several times by this point between the times he's said "it HAS to be this way" then saying "I don't really have to do that" and so forth that he doesn't have much credibility with me anymore. I think they have had funding cut and he's thinking he can save some with difficult child's case. Then he said "what difference does this make if you are going to move?". Well, HE had told me that he would still be writing difficult child's parole requirements and the parole officer assigned at the next place would follow them. He told me something completely different yesterday. I swear, I think it is this particular court services unit that for whatever reason just don't care what they tell parents- if they lie or anything makes no difference- and they sure don't care about getting on the same page. At one point I said "isn't the objective to help difficult child not re-offend again since he's a juvenile?" and he just shrugged his shoulders and said "well- yeah in a way" like they really didn't care at all. It wouldn't make a difference if our current system wasn't set up where no other agency will help because supposedly parole/probation is supposed to order what is needed but it appears that we will be no closer to any services that might actually help instead of cause more problems than we were when difficult child lost it last year. :(

    Sorry this got longer than expected. I'll try to catch up with others' threads tomorrow. Tonight- I need R&R and food. LOL! I have to get up early and go to family therpay tomorrow. I hope I can sleep well so I'm not cranky!
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    The job possibility in Hawaii definitely still sounds like a strong possibility!

    I'm glad the other interview went well too! Hopefully you will be able to get a salary you deserve at one of the two jobs!

    The PO stuff sounds very confusing, sounds like they don't know what they are talking about!
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    Thanks, Sharon! The therapist called and cancelled the appointment this morning. She said we would work it in with visitation this weekend. Then she asked about the issues with the extended family, saying she only had a few minutes. So, I gave her the briefest version possible which only portrays a small part of the problem and she automatically says "oh, well maybe we should cover this and let difficult child know everything before he is released". I say "No, you can't possibly get the whole picture in this few mins and I'm not willing to dump all this on his shoulders right before his release". She said ok, we will talk about it more in the future and she said she won't tell difficult child these things. I wish I could feel more comfortable that she won't let something slip or get into it all without me having a heads up and her learning more about the family dynamics first. The last thing we need is a therapist who only has time to get a piece of the picture then make rash desicions and send difficult child home. SIGH..... What a way to start the day.
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    Hoping all turns out well both on the job market and with difficult child's services.