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Hey y'all! It's been an age, hasn't it? How are all of you?

Just a little quick update on us...

Missy is 17! We have had a few ups and downs. She was in a treatment program that started in freshman year and lasted through part of her sophomore year. It was rough. Some twerp that she had a major crush on from grammar school had a way of verbally messing with her head and putting her down so badly that she started spiraling. She had a twisted memory of many things from her younger years that we were able to work through as well. Good news is that she got the right help and is doing amazing. She has been a straight A student through high school, honors society, Color Guard (they just won States and Nationals), drama club, Tri-M...etc. Really, she is genuinely doing well. Working on college applications now. She has a nice boyfriend who treats her very well and most importantly...puts up with her! LOL.

We did find out that she has fairly severe Celiac Disease, which very may well have been the root cause of many of her issues all along. We only just found this out in July after she passed out on us several times in the bathroom in the middle of the night over a 1-1/2 year period. Gastro doctor says if she is compliant with not eating gluten, we may be able to reduce her seizure medications (or wean completely off) and also her ADHD medications (we'll see about that....when she forgets to take her ADHD medications it is definitely problematic)

Mighty Mouse....typical 14-year-old boy. Hates school. Doesn't do well, but I'm on him. He's not likely the college-going type, but something might change in the next few years. If not, trade school is a fine option and we are very much okay with that.

I stopped doing medical transcriptions. For the past seven years, I've been working as a mortgage/title closer....got so busy that I no longer spent any time here. Well, that and just parenting in general....Taxi Service is me! I swear, if I had a normal job, I have no idea how these kids would manage. I also just got my real estate license this year and have a few contracts already. husband left his job to start his own construction company and is doing well. We are older and a little fluffier. A few more aches and pains too.