His First Sleepover!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JKF, Jan 8, 2013.

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    So easy child/difficult child came home yesterday and handed me this tiny little scrap of paper. On it was an address and phone number and 1/11/13 @ 6 pm. He told me he was invited to a sleepover at a classmate's house. I was a bit skeptical, bc while he does have friends, he rarely gets invited to things. So I called the number this afternoon and talked to the father and it's true! He was invited to a birthday sleepover!! His first sleepover! I mean he's had sleepovers with cousins before but this is his first school sleepover! I'm excited for him but I'm also really nervous for some reason!
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    That's great! Being included in something like this goes a long way to making our "strong personality" boys feel part of it all. It doesn't take much, but experiences like this are worth a lot! It's natural for you to be nervous! If he doesn't have one, let him take your cell phone with him in case he needs to call home (I am presuming you have a land line). He doesn't need to be embarrassed about using their home phone -- if he's feeling insecure or frustrated, he can go in the bathroom and call home...

    Good for difficult child - let us know how it goes.