Holding My Breath

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Sep 29, 2011.

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    So, since there is to be a suspension Tomorrow for something that happened last Monday...we (the admin. and teachers and I) discussed that this will likely increase his anxiety and he may not be able to get his mind of it, resulting in less ability to regulate himself.
    Yesterday he didn't do too badly...they felt maybe he is getting more mature and might handle it well...I felt he just knew it wasn't until Friday so he was not in panic mode yet.
    WELLLLLL, he woke this morning....didn't say hi mom, he said I'm glad there are TWO more days of school (his way to reject whatever is happening...he always does this). I asked if that was really what was happening and he said he is not going to miss out on Friday.

    He obsessed and perseverated about it all morning. So we will see what happens. I emailed school to warn them again that he is extra anxious. I said I felt he deserved extra consideration but that if he truly can't contain himself and I have to come and get him, then the suspension should be counted for today not added to the inappropriate punishment (i didn't say it that way of course, just to you guys to vent). I'm going to dress now so I am prepared because the gut feeling is there...

    Good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts........
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    We have been there done that....good thoughts going your way.
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    Pretzeling, praying, & rattling. Have you ever thought of calling an IEP meeting to put specific "disciplinary procedures" into the IEP? That takes the power away from the admin. He isn't allowed to violate the IEP either. It might be worth considering.
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    YUP, we have a VERY specific positive behavior plan....the plan that is attached to an IEP following an FBA. It was written by district autism specialists, the districxt behavior team, the school sp. ed team, the brain injury/autism experts I bring in each time and myself. And it is working. It is not only followed in school but on the bus and with our home Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) workers and myself. THat is what is so sad. And, that is why this is so frustrating, they actually do have 10 days they can suspend any student...IEP or not. They dont have to, the revised IDEA specifically gives them the right to administer discipline on a case by case basis so that unique considerations can be made and the most appropriate methods can be used. He just had to throw his hat into the ring. It is not best practice and certainly not appropriate but that is the law and if you have someone who is stuck in old ways then...
    sad thing is this principal was a former sp. ed. teacher.
    sigh, thanks for responding! I sure do appreciate this site.
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  6. I really hope your day goes better than you expect :)
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    so far no calls, no emails....they are probably scared, haha
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    been there done that also. Good news is no news. Thinking positive thoughts.
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    OK...I decided at 1 to go with my neighbor to her exercise club and destress by swimming for an hour. I brought my phone (even though signs all over say no cell phones that can take pictures etc....It is not an option for me not to be on call so...) we then grabbed a sandwitch and went home. difficult child came home and seemed okay and we went to horseback riding therapy and he was really good. (even in the car and believe me I have had some scary car rides) So I was checking my phone and I saw I missed a call from school at 1:30! no message so I am hoping it was the nurse calling to say it is time to send more medications. I will call tomorrow during his suspension to see if it was one of them. If I miss a call from them they usually call back when it is about him and they also know my email comes to my phone. So, I will try to let it go till tomorrow and I will enjoy a relatively calm day here. Just the usual little opposition (that toddler stuff like the sky is blue, no it is purple...just constant so I barely think of it as a problem when it is little stuff). Thanks for hanging with me today.
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    I think you can stop holding your breath and relax for a good night's sleep. Hopefully!