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    Homeopathy helps 70% of patients with chronic diseases, 6 year study
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    Article Date: 23 Nov 2005

    A study carried out at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital, UK, has revealed that more than 70% of patients with chronic diseases said homeopathy helped them feel better. The 6-year study involved over 6,500 patients.

    89% of under 16s who had asthma said homeopathy helped them. In the same age group, 68% of eczema patients said they felt better after

    Only a few weeks ago another study, carried out by British and Swiss researchers, published in The Lancet, concluded that homeopathy was no
    better than a placebo.

    What is Homeopathy?

    The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words:
    homeo, meaning similar and pathos, meaning suffering or disease.

    Homeopathy is an alternative medical system. Alternative medical systems are built upon complete systems of theory and practice, and often have evolved apart from and earlier than the conventional medical approach used
    in the Western World (and much of the rest of the world today).

    Homeopathy takes a different approach from conventional medicine in diagnosing, classifying, and treating medical problems.

    Key concepts of homeopathy include:

    - Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness.

    - Treatment involves giving very small doses of substances called remedies that, according to homeopathy, would produce the same or similar
    symptoms of illness in healthy people if they were given in larger doses.

    - Treatment in homeopathy is individualized (tailored to each person). Homeopathic practitioners select remedies according to a total picture of the patient, including not only symptoms but lifestyle, emotional and
    mental states, and other factors.

    Written by: Christian Nordqvist
    Editor: Medical News Today