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    difficult child will do his homework, as long as he knows what to do. He will even do his homework without arguing. My problem is getting him to write down his homework in his planner. He does not write enough info, and his handwriting is so bad that I cannot read it. He has several missing assignments, but on the missing assignment sheet it only has the page and not the problems. I want to maybe have something added to his IEP about help with organizational skills, and keeping track of homework, but how would I add that? I guess I need help with the wording.
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    I teach kiddos this age. Everyday we do our assignment notebooks. The kids are responsible for writing down their assignments and then the aide or I check to see that everything is written down, including the problems. We don't do this for everyone, just the ones that need it but not just Special Education. kiddos. On occasion we will even write it in for a student. It is a little extra work at the end of the day but well worth it.

    Would the teachers be willing to check his assignment notebook daily? Do they have the assignments posted so that difficult child can copy them?
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    I agree with Sharon.

    Now, you can actually make a small change to the IEP with a phone call. I suggest you put something in there about "written homework assignments". Make sure the teacher signs off, in his planner, every day. That way he/she can check to make sure that the instructions are legible, complete and correct. It's a small thing that really makes a difference.

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    I like the having the teacher sign off on the planner every day, and I did not know the IEP could be changed with a phone call. Part of the problem is he has a different teacher for math than for eveything else. The regular teacher and I communicate really well, but I feel bad for e-mailing her about all this math stuff because he is not in her class for it, but I do not have the other teacher's e-mail. I have no problem having him complete incomplete assignments, but we do have to know the problem numbers. I will try to call the school next week, and get this straightened out. Next will be crazy as husband gets his tonsills out, and a close friend is having a bowel resection.
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    with-the newest IDEA, minor modifications can be made to the IEP. Both the sd and parents must agree to the change.

    Wiped out, you're a jewel.