Hope For The First Time In Years!


Roll With It
I have had medical problems since my early teens. The last few years have been really bad. I was beginning to think that I was not ever going to make it through this long dark tunnel. This last week has given me the first signs of real hope and I am incredibly thankful!

First of all, I saw a new neurologist and I did NOT have a stroke!!!!!!!! I had a very bad, very complex migraine. They can behave like strokes, but there was absolutely zero damage on any of the scans. This is a HUGE blessing and it is NOT what they expected to see AT ALL! But all of the neurologists agree. The neurologist I saw seems very good and is sure that he can get my near constant migraines under control. He changed some things with medications, listened, and paid attention to what I said. I am very confident that I can work with him, which is a big deal for me.

I also had an appointment with the pain management doctor that I liked. He left the practice and I got assigned to another doctor a couple of years ago. Things got very very strange over these last few years and treatment has been very strange and bad. I am so thankful to be back with this very caring doctor. He actually remembered me and has taken over my care. Generally there is a waiting period for records to be gathered, but he isn't insisting on that because he remembers me and he knows that the other doctor will drop me the instant records are requested. I cannot WAIT for Monday when I can call and tell them I am NEVER coming back!

I haven't had any drastic changes in health yet, but I just feel so much more HOPE. It is a huge thing for me. AND I DIDN'T HAVE A STROKE!!!!


So happy for your heart! It's great to see life through a happier lender when we see hope!!