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    I've been thinking of some people in particular recently. Some I haven't seen posts from in only days, some longer, and some I may have just missed. I thought I would start this thread for those and for anyone else you are thinking of. If there isn't a post for someone you consider MIA here, start one. If you see your name here, please, post an update or at least let us know you're doing ok.

    Star, how are things with Dude? I know that's more of a PE thing but I wanted to check in. Is he still in FL? How are the "girls" doing? I was thinking of them while watching a 105 lb moose of a Lab play tug with a 7 lb shatzu this weekend. ***

    Steely, how are you doing? I've seen your posts recently and for the most part haven't replied. Mostly because I just don't know what to say. I do think of you though and hope you're feeling better from being sick. I hope Matt is making better choices with his treatment because honestly sweetie, that's what they are. Choices. I hope you're getting through the holiday season with at least a little bright spot now and then.

    Have there been any updates on Golden Guru? I was gone for a few days and may have missed any but I wanted to check. GG, if you're reading this, how are you? I saw an update recently that your/her eyes were giving you/her fits but I didn't know if that was better yet or not.

    Linda/Timer, how are you? Did the jelly ever get there? I haven't had a chance to read your recent medical post and will here in a minute but I wanted to check in with you also.

    As I said, if there is anyone you haven't heard from, feel free to post here. If your name IS here, post a reply...even if it simply says "BREATHING" .....just enough to let us know you're still here.

    ***Had to edit the part in Star's paragraph about the dogs. LOL The breed of the small dog was changed to baloneyzu because of the first part of the dog breed. :rofl: I changed it to something that I hope won't get censored to something quite so odd but we shall see.
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    Thanks Stang....

    Well, Here's the sad part. Dude is still in FL. I talked to his old Nanny yesterday. She filled me in on the "skinny". Dude went there Christmas Eve by train. Again - no one was there to pick him up from the station. I didn't get a call Christmas Day. (no one had minutes on their phones). Everyone knew he was coming - no one and I mean NO ONE got him even the smallest gift. The car? Hasn't seen it. They all told him that his Dad had gotten a job with his brother in law to BUY him that car. Yeah - well the brother in law can't stand him - did give him a job, and the sorry SOB took the money and blew it on himself. The car still sits. Today is the 31st, Dude hasn't even seen it. x has seen Dude for about 5 minutes. It's rumored he gave him $100 for train fare back. We think when he was sleeping x took the $100 for crack - x has been missing since Xmas day. I was told he's on a binge - Nothing has changed in over 20 years. In a way I'm glad Dude sees this 1st hand. In a way I'm sad. The sad part of me is the part that is really and truly over wishing bad things happen to my x because I don't care about him any more at any way, but love my son and hoped against hope something good would happen for him. It's been a peaceful week without him. The puppy has been sick....she's better now. She does not like hot sauce and I don't like my ball and claw foot antique dining room table being chewed to smitherines. :tongue: Everyone else? Just dandy.

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    I've seen Dazed & Confused post, but would love an update! :)
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    I've been missing Crazymama and am hoping everything is ok.
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    Hey thanks for checking in Mstng. I understand not knowing what to say.

    Matt is the same, I guess. He is still mucking around in his program, and the program is still not wavering on me not being part of Matt's life. I don't even know what more to say with that, it all just feels so up in the air, and as if I don't really have a kid anymore.

    I am sorta feeling better. Slowly, I guess. Although having 2 weeks off from work has escalated my depression issues. So it has been a struggle.

    I need advice about another dysfunction in my life that I will post about soon. Stay tuned.

    Star* your story about Dude sounds exactly like what would happen to Matt if he went to see his Dad. Exactly. It just makes my heart sick.

    BBK and crazymama wondering how you are!
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    Hanging in there, thanks for wondering. husband was doing really well, but I can see him slipping. He is back to not going to sleep untill the wee hours of the morning and sleeping untill 2 or 3pm. His irritability waxes and wanes, and it is sad because I can see that our family is more relaxed much of the time if he is not around. He sees psychiatrist on Tues, and I will go. Not sure what there is to do, he has been on so many different medications and I am willing to bet he will never be hospitalized voluntarily again--ever. He went to a friends for New Year's and took his medications with him, I am just worried as he is starting to repeat his pattern.

    My depression and anxiety was better, but is increasing. I can see myself sprirally with husband--guess I need to work with therapist on that one. I see psychiatrist on Thursday and may end up increasing the ad--will talk to him and see what he thinks. I have been going to the gym a lot, 4-5 times a week as the kids are out of school and that frees up my time. Not looking forward to next week--school starts and my work out time will be diminished. I think that is going to have a negative impact, but I cannot create more hours in the day.

    My grandfather (more like my father, we are very close) has end stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and needs hospice, myself, my mom and aunt are for it but he is not emotionally ready. He may also be in congestive heart failure and is having a nuclear stress test next week, I had to cancel my therapist appointment to be there with him and my mom but I need to be there. It is going to be so hard on him and I wish he would skip it, but he is not at that point yet. He was hospitalized 2 weeks ago and it was hard. I spent one night at the hospital with him as he forgot he had an IV in and did not call for help to use the bathroom and yanked out his IV. He is such a dear man, and it is hard to see him decline physically as well as mentally. He was always so sharp.

    difficult child continues to do well, he has had a few moments around the holidays and will have more, especially after staying up tonight. I don't have the heart to make him go to bed early on New Years. He and easy child are up playing video games and for now are getting along great.

    I sometimes don't post as most of my issues are now with husband and not difficult child. husband is the major difficult child, and difficult child is more easy child like for now. This weekend and next week will be hard, and if I don't have a better outlook on Monday I may call my therapist and see if she can fit me in next week. Right now I am sad as I want to go on difficult child's fieldtrips with him, they are several nights and really cool (next one is to Tule Lake Ca to study the Japanese internment of WWII) but I can't. I cannot leave husband and easy child home alone. husband could not get easy child to school, and I could not handle not knowing if he was ok. I feel sad as I feel like difficult child is missing out. For the first time ever he wants me to be involved, and I can't. That is so hard..

    You guys are all great. Your support and caring means so much to me, I cannot even express how much it means to have people want to know how I am and to have people who care.
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