How did it go with the lawyer Zaftigmama?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by TeDo, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Just wondering how it went with the lawyer. Looked for an update and didn't see one. I will wait to read about it when you get time to fill us in.
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    Hey, oh, man, my behind has just been getting kicked from this new job I have (WAHM)--anyway...

    Went well with the lawyer--she said that we've "got 'em" just based on the fact that although both boys' reports mention disruptive behaviors, no FBAs were done.

    Concerned about Brownie--I know exactly what we want for Bug. Brownie's tougher. I don't know--I'm sure people here can tell me--I strongly suspect I was getting snowed last year. Every day in his book--"good day." The couple of times I was in his class, I saw him not participating and nobody went after him to pull him back in. There didn't seem to be any consequences for not participating. If it was circle time and he went off and sat by himself, he was left to do so. Like, nobody sees that as a problem?! So because that's not really reflected in the reports, I sound like a crazy lady wanting a more restrictive setting--at any rate, there were 15 kids in his Special Education class (K-2) with two aides, both of whom were usually busy attending to kids who needed 1:1s, but of course the district won't pay for those. *beats head against wall*

    Anyway, the lawyer initially said Brownie needed a co-taught class (not offered in my district), but eventually conceded that he'll need a smaller setting, at least at first. This summer, his class had only eight kids in it and his writing improved 200%. Like I couldn't believe this was my kid. So I think we're looking for an 8:1:1 as most appropriate.

    neuropsychologist evaluations--we got the packets to do the evaluations at a major children's hospital a few hours away. Lawyer said that while that hospital is the best, school districts pay more attention if the evaluations are done locally. So she's helping us find a PsyD who takes our insurance and will go to bat for us.
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    It depends on the neuropsychologist. Ours is well known state-wide, including my SD. When we had our evaluation with him, he told me that our SD was one of the worst 3 in the state that he's had to deal with. So while you can still do the other, do the neuropsychologist anyway because they are more THOROUGH and knowledgeable. They look at EVERYTHING. Even lawyers are somewhat limited in what they know and are willing to do so don't put 100% stock in them. Personally, I would do both. Who knows, they might even come up with the same things. If they do, more power to YOU.