How do I sleep at night?


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"Deni D, "But I also could not figure out the difference between his mental illness and typical behavior you see these days when he was a teen. I did not know he was drinking and smoking synthetic pot when he was 16 causing his medications to not work properly for him. And I think even if I did know there would have been no way for me to stop it. If you ever go there again blaming yourself try to remember it most likely would have not mattered a whit once he was out of your sight

Deni D, thanks for your response. Wow. You did a LOT to try to intervene for your son. Thanks for the reminder about it not mattering once he was out of our sight. That is true. Even if we had been aware there was a genetic background of Bipolar and had gotten him help, he eventually would have left home, as he did, and we couldn't have controlled what he did or didn't do. I continue to pray he will see that he is ill, hopefully sooner than later.

Copa, thanks for the help with the quote. It's funny--I did all the steps, but then proceeded to delete the programming language! And that's when I noticed your comment about not doing that! Okay, I will keep practicing.


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I did not take Crayola's response in a bad way either and found it funny. But I love to laugh and I try to find humor in whatever I can because it helps me enjoy life.

We are all hurting in some way here. I believe that.

Remember when someone started the thread "you know your child is an addict when....." some of the stuff we wrote about was so INSANE that you just had to laugh. It was surreal. Maybe we can find that someplace. I don't know how to search. One of my personal quotes was "when you keep your bar in your trunk and have to hide the key".


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Just a word about soup kitchens and food banks. I have been interested in them recently due to the very real possibility that Kay will become homeless. And she wont get out her fishing pole or hunting equipment. That would mean work.

Both soup kitchens and food pantries, at least in our states, I believe are run on donations. There are no tax dollars involved as I understand it. Food Cards and Medicaid are from tax dollars.

Just wanted to clear up where soup kitchens and food pantries come from. I think I'm right....I could have misunderstood though.


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Could be the case- def better than taxpayers. But those donations are really for people who are TRYING, right?


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We donate because we are so.aware of kids with mental illness being homeless. That to us is a common reason for being homeless. We just do it and hope it cheers somebody up.

Kay will never try. She is too twisted and sick I hope if she.becomes homeless she at.least gets a meal. Nobody deserves to.starve in this rich country.