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    OMG how do you write a 750 word essay on something you don't understand?:faint: Well, to be totally honest.....I am having trouble even following this junk. Philosophy stinks, to put it mildly. We're getting into some of the circular type logic stuff and I'm having trouble just following it enough to read it let alone "get" what they're saying.

    My brain does not do well with this type of thing. It literally gives me a headache. This is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) thing. The book goes round in circles and my brain just does not follow. I get bits and pieces, only to get lost again.:ashamed:

    I'm supposed to compare Descartes and relation to one I "agree" with as opposed to the one I don't.

    *enter sarcastic laugh*

    Which ought to be interesting since I don't get most of what they're talking about. sigh

    This is the first class I've seriously considered dropping. Maybe it's harder online, I dunno. Nichole doesn't seem to be having trouble with it in the classroom.

    Obviously philosophy is not my forte. Does not help that I'm not the least bit interested in it either. I've found ways to distract myself all day. lol I've been reading and re-reading and still don't think I get it enough to actually start working on the essay itself.

    GAWD I hate this class.:ashamed:

    Ok. Mini vent over. Back to work. A C or D is better than an F for not doing it.
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    Here is a link that difficult child 3's Special Education teacher sent him, to help him with writing tasks. It's absolutely brilliant!

    What you need to do, is go over each text with a hilighter, mark off the main points of what each one seems to be saying. If something jumps out at you that you agree with or disagree with, mark that too. Maybe look up clustering or mind-mapping, try and summarise what each writer says down to nuts and bolts. Be aware that each of the two writers probably has a high "waffle" factor.

    750 words isn't very much - one page, single-spaced, 12 pt. Although you should present it double-spaced.

    Follow the essay plan in the link I sent, it should make it a lot easier.

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    Start by taking a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle
    Label one Decartes/the other Hume
    underneath go through the text and list the beliefs for each

    then, choose which falls into your line of thinking? Why?
    which one does not why?

    Next write the body of the paper
    First list one you agree with
    Remember good writing is simply letting someone SEE your thoughts

    Statement, Example, Explanation

    Each paragraph should be one statement (topic sentence), one or two sentences of examples, and 2 or three sentences of explanation

    Later go back and write the intro:
    General statement or hook (hook the reader)
    Then a summary of each philosopher (2 or three sentences)
    Then your thesis Although ________________ and ________________ are both philosophers, _______________________ is better. (Okay that is really simple but you get the the gist)
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    Well, I'm glad you got some good suggestions here because I sure wouldn't be any help! I never could see the point of studying philosophy anyway! And what kind of job opportunities are out there for philosophy majors ... other than teaching it to others! I wonder if anyone ever lists their occupation as "Philosopher"?
  5. Hound dog

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    :rofl: So true donna

    Marg and EW, bless your hearts, you may have just pulled my arse out of the fire......Like Travis, I basically need someone to "map" it out for me so I can follow steps or I get lost.

    Off to check out that link now. :)

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    I found this on the internet........ESSAY SAMPLE ON "HUME AND DESCARTES ON THE THEORY OF IDEAS"

    David Hume and Rene Descartes are philosophers with opposing views about the origination of ideas. Descartes believed there were three types of ideas which are, innate, adventitious and those from imagination. He stated since he exists and his idea of what a perfect being is, such as God, then God exists. Hume, on the other had, believed ideas came only from one thing, impressions. Both theories have their strengths and weaknesses but I like Hume's theory better than Descartes.

    Descartes believed imagination could not help humans. Descartes' definition of ideas was, only things which exist in the mind and represent other things are called ideas. His argument was the nature of the ideas which make up the mind could gain an idea about God, but instead, humans could think about God by other means. A major strength of Descartes was his idea of objective reality, which is one's perception of reality. If something accurately represents something, then it is objective reality, according to him. I believe this is a strength of his because of his convincing argument, "If the objective reality of any one of my ideas is found to be so great that I am certain that the same reality was not in me...therefore I myself cannot be the cause of the idea, then it necessarily follows that I am not alone in the world, but that something else, which is the cause of this idea, also exists" (75). Descartes weakness is his idea of innate ideas. It is not necessarily correct to say people have a mind the minute they are born, instead they have gained it after being living for some time. Descartes position on innate ideas is open to criticism; innate ideas should be predicted not thought of. There is no certainty that the nature in which the idea is explained should be innate. If Descartes theory of innateness has no temporary connections between the ideas, then there is nothing innate about his innate ideas.

    Hume believed that ideas came from impressions. He stated that every simple idea has a simple impression and vice versa. He divided impressions into two groups, sensation, which comes about from causes unknown to us and reflection which comes about from our ideas. He said any impressions are followed by an idea which resembles the impression and only varies in force and vivacity. Whereas Descartes did not believe in imagination, Hume did. This is a weakness of his because one cannot logically prove something from imagination. One cannot logically have an idea of a cause from their imagination; they can just picture their ideas. Hume did not believe in Descartes concept of innate ideas. He states that ideas are gained through our senses and to prove ideas are not innate, one must realize that they have already had experience of these ideas. Hume's strength is his belief that all ideas came from impressions. Even stronger is the impression of reflection. People who feel the effects of an idea thought of, do not see something happen. Descartes and Hume disagreed on the topics of innateness and imagination that is why neither one is right. Even though Hume's imagination idea is bad, the rest of his belief is convincing. Therefore, I believe Hume's theory of ideas is better than Descartes' argument because he says ideas are based from impression and I can relate to this. Whenever I think of something I form ideas of this object based on first impressions. I was not born with ideas because I had nothing to base them on when I was born. Therefore, Hume's theory of ideas is easier to accept and comprehend.

    Personally - I think Descartes immagined Hume after he got older. lol. - I know - NO Help -
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    I have a link somewhere on thesis statements. Would that help? Personally...EW had the best outline I have seen yet.
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    Desmond David Hume is the luscious Scotsman on Lost, and René Descartes is not...end of essay!
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    You guys saved me. My rough draft is 650 words, but I've still got to edit and "pretty" it up some. I'll be doing that after class today.

    Hume is too much for me. I don't really "get" his philosophy at I used that to my advantage (I think) and made him the one I disagree with.

    If I manage to pass this class with a C I will be thrilled. (awful huh?)

    Thanks for the help.........I may do another shout out when we have to do our research paper. He still hasn't given us the info on that assignment which irks me as I like to have plenty of time to work on it. And it's our final exam.

  10. Star*

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    Luscious Scottsman?

    I'm down with that!

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    Oh, goody. I have created my own technique/process for research. I've been looking for someone besides my students to try it out on. It works well for them, and I'd be glad to share it with you.
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    Threeshadows....all of the characters on Lost were named after philosophers, biblical characters or scientists.

    Daisy...good luck. I couldn't even read through what Star posted, never mind get through what you have to.

    Star....You can have Desmond on Lost (he is a cutie), but keep your hands off my luscious Scott. Besides, I thought you had a thing for Sawyer?
  13. ThreeShadows

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    Loth, I knew that, I was kidding! I even got my grumpy math lover/chem major/physician/TV hating husband to watch the show with me. We try to catch the allusions first, it's the only fun we still have. You must be passionate about it!
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    You guys are too funny.

    Well, it's done and turned in. Now I wait with dread for the grade. Mr. Anal is bound to find something terribly wrong with it. And I did have a bit of trouble explaining why I don't agree with Hume simply because I find it difficult to follow his tought processes. Looks to me like he made a bunch of stuff up just so his could say Descartes was wrong. lol

    Oh well. Like I said, I'll be happy with a C in this class. *sigh*

    EW I gaurantee I'll be hitting you up for advice on the research paper. OMG I hate those........they tend to shut my brain down completely. Then I go into panic mode.........and it's not pretty. :faint:

    Only 2 more weeks to the quarter. YEA!!!!!!!!! :D