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    I love to decorate cakes, cookies, etc..... Haven't done much in the last couple of years, but this looks like a BLAST!!! Jess is a huge Cake Boss fan and I have enjoyed some episodes too. I have heard about modelling chocolate on the show but haven't looked into buying or making it. It is pretty much just modelling clay made of chocolate. Chocolate play-doh, what could be more fun that that???

    It sound EASY - like cake mix easy - to make!!! TWO ingredients!!!!!! This link has directions for dark, white, and milk chocolate modelling chocolate. The recipes call for ounces of chocolate, but if you use chocolate chips that is an easy conversion, at least for this which wouldn't need to be terribly precise. 1 cup of chocolate chips (any kind, even white, peanut butter, or butterscotch) is 6 ounces. It might be al ittle off but it shouldn't amke a real difference in the end result. So half a cup is 3 ounces and 1 ounce is about 2 tablespoons.

    Here is the link: Modeling Chocolate -

    Basically you melt the chocolate, let it cool a bit (10-15 min should work) and stir in corn syrup. It will get stiff right away but keep stirring until fully combined, then put in a ziplock and refrigerate until firm, which is about 2 hours. Take it out, use greased hands, and knead until soft enough to work with. Keep surfaces and hands greased with Pam or a bit of vegetable oil (whatever kind you have on hand is fine) so it won't stick. From this point you can do whatever you want.

    You can even put it through a pasta makeror pretty much what you could do with playdoh. One of my kitchen secrets is that I have kept a bunch of the kids' old playdoh toys to use with cookie dough. Some of them are truly awesome with dough. One of my favorites is a thingy like a garlic press that you put dough through to make hair out of playdoh. It makes some great effects with cookie dough.

    Maybe things like this are why my kids were never too interested in playdoh in the jars from the store. Hmmmmm.

    Isn't this COOL???? I always thought you would have to spend a fortune to make the modelling chocolate that they use on Cake Boss.

    This might be great sensory therapy, don't you think? I am SURE that we ALL need some therapy in my house. Aren't you???

    If this is therapy, is there a way to claim it as a medical expense? Wonder what the insurance company would say to that. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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    Mmmm, chocolate therapy... Mmmm...
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    I'm going to share the link via f/b with my easy child -- she has been doing some phenomenal cake decorating the last 9 months or so -- she is planning on making a cake for one of her friend's birthday later this month and wants to make a hand out of modeling choc as part of the cake. Perfect timing!!!