How quickly can you see Abilify working?


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Good morning, everyone. My understanding is that Abilify works pretty quickly clinically (sounds like a tongue twister). I figured that meant within a couple of weeks. What can that mean or what have your experiences been?

Our daughter is on day 5, got 10 straight hours of sleep last night (and was in bed by 11, which is WAY early for her). She made my bed this morning to "help" me. When I was in the bath, she unloaded the dryer and put away most of the clothes. Not in a frenzied way...not in an overly calm way. She says she is feeling much better. I asked her if she meant this past few days and she said yes. Now, of course, the first few days on this medication she was so tired and sleeping alot, so she didn't have the energy to do much. :wink: Now, her sleepiness is gone (no nap at all yesterday...she took them the first 3 days on the medication), and her personality is shining through again.

I didn't think it was possible for Abilify to work in 5 days...if it is, fantastic. If not, then fantastic because it has just been a great morning for some other reason! LOL

Does anyone know? I would think a small body not used to any medications would feel something, though...and that slowing down the first 3 days reallly gave her body and mind a much needed break (she looked SO peaceful).


If they're going to work, the atypical antipsychotics do tend to work quickly. But it's still early in the game and your difficult child is on a low dose (2 mg, right?), so don't be surprised if adjustments have to be made along the way.

Glad to hear things are improving. Enjoy!


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Believe it or not I noticed an improvment with my difficult child after the first dosage. My child slept for about 12 hours and woke up happier. So far, I've been very pleased and my son has been on it for about a year.

My other child also trialed abilify and it didn't help...he actually got worse on it...after six months or so we realized that he was having increased anxiety and agitation as a side effect from the medications.

Glad you had a happy morning...sending good wishes it continues


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I noticed an improvement after the first couple of days. Unfortunately, she's been on it for about a month an a half and she's hypomanic the past few days. I'm not sure if it's fizzling out, but it doesn't seem to be helping the past week and a half or so. We've had a couple of mini-rages, too.

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If medications are going to work for Nichole (or me) we usually notice some effect immediately. When Nichole started abilify the effect was noticable the first dose, and got better as her blood level reached the right stage.



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Dylan took Abilify for almost 17 months. He started out small, 5 mg., and we saw a difference the first night. It was the first night he went to sleep without anxiety, hyperactivity, up and down for two hours before falling asleep, etc.

Within three days I saw a huge improvement in his focus and his oral expression.

However, every 2-3 months we had to up the dose, because as with Loth's difficult child, it just fizzled out. So, he went to 10 mg. Again, great improvement. Then, hyperactivity, impulsivity came back, and we went up to 15 mg.

By the time he hit 20 mg. we saw side effects. Holding saliva in his mouth, drooling, and we had to discontinue.

It's an awful shame for me and my son, because this medication, in conjunction with his Lithium, was the most miraculous cocktail we had seen from almost 20 medication trials.

If you're seeing positives, that's wonderful. It's no cure, but it sure helps. I hope it continues.


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Thanks, everyone. It is great to not only get an answer, but know about your experiences. We know it will change eventually (whether in days, weeks, or months), but right now we are definitely concerned about each individual day, and short term coping/improvements. We won't even go there with our thinking for anything longer than a few days out! lol We want to bask in each calm moment, or in each moment that has improvements.

That said, we see our new Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) tomorrow so are hoping for a good appointment!

Thanks, again, I do appreciate everyone taking the time to share their experiences!

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The class of drugs we call the antipsychotics is also known as the major tranquillizers so they will make a lot of people sleep, at least when they first start taking them.