How to tell if it's a good decision

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    Hi family,

    My therapist wrote a book and in the book he lists 3 questions to ask yourself if you are unsure if something is a good choice to program into your behavior or lifestyle.

    The book is about the mapping in your brain and how / why we do the things we do. It thought I would pass it on here.

    1.) Is this thing I'm telling myself or showing myself something that i would teach to a child to enhance his/her life?

    2.) Would I recommend it to my best friend that he incorporated this programing into his daily thoughts

    3.) Are these programming thoughts based on fact/evidence that i would present in court?

    Failing any one of the above = Entertaining a programming error.

    Failing all 3 signifies a programming error.

    In the book he talks about how we are all programmed by life experiences, but if we TRULY want to change then here are the questions to ask ourselves in making a firm and sound decision on almost everything.

    Example: I'm driving in traffic and someone cuts me off. Immediately I want to hunt them down with my SUV and give them one of 4 fingers attached to my hand, scream obscenities.

    I quicky ask myself:
    Would I show this behavior to a child? (No)
    Would I recommend it to my best friend? (Mine would pass out)
    Would I be able to tell a court that the man peved me off so I enacted road rage as a manner of resolving the problem? NO



    Pick a new behavior or thought to resolve the problem.

    - Try it with other things that upset you through out your day. I wrote them down on index cards and a sticky note for my computer and they really help change how you react to things. And once the new way of acting becomes a's not hard.

    Hope this helps.
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    This is great! Thanks for sharing it.
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    Amen Sister!!! I second that... :teacher: I say something like that to husband... "What and how will you explain that to your daughters one day?"
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    I like this!
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    Very interesting concept...
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    Great Advice!!! I would love the name of the book. (Not so subtle little hint). WFEN
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    This is really simple and terrific. I'm sending a copy to my friend who is self destructing under her own circular logic. Who knows, maybe this will help her.

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    I am going to move this to Watercooler.