How very tragic!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Tiapet, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Tiapet

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    I feel very badly for the grandma and pray that this child will be alright.

    I can't imagine.

    I hate guns, period.

    Did she forget she was carrying it in her purse?

    There is no time for judgment now, just prayers.
  2. hearts and roses

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    Oh my goodness, how awful. I hate guns too. Sending out prayers that the little peanut is going to be okay. I bet her gramma wishes it were her instead. So much for the idea of protecting herself, huh?
  3. Abbey

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    Guns? No. Not for me. I understand the need for protection, but I couldn't do it.

    Hope the little girl comes out ok and Grandma heals as well.

  4. Star*

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    I know a man who is closely related to them. This happened here in the town I live in. On top of shooting herself the little girl (age 4) has MS or MD. (man was not sure)

    It's sad when you are a judge (magistrate here in SC) that HAS to carry a handgun with you to protect yourself from criminals - but still - HOW could you ever leave your purse where a child could have access for even one moment? The article stated that she has a CWP - WHOOPIE - if you or I had a CWP and our grandkids shot themselves WE would be going to jail - there are no charges pending. I THINK THAT is amazing - that this woman was irresponsible and a child shot herself - WHAT if the gun had been pointed at someone elses child or husband?

    I'm outraged that there are NO consequences for judges and officials here in SC - it's a GOOD OLD BOY SYSTEMS for sure - OUR STATE TREASURER was a millionaire, he got busted with LOADS of cocaine and had been under surveillance for months - he got a cushy rehab stint in NEW MEXICO. Then came back to be "placed" in jail for a term NOT to exceed 18 months

    COME ON does SC legislature think we are blind? ARGH and now this - a judges granddaughter shoots herself and she won't get charged? A man locally had a gun in his house up on a shelf - unloaded, and the kids 4 and 5 climbed up in the closet, found the gun, found the bullets and put the 2 together and one kid killed the other and the man is doing LIFE. SEE what I mean?

    AWFUL isnt' the word.

    and the little girl? She is still in the hospital here - in Stable condition which is better than they gave her when she was taken from Sams club yesterday. So that is a good sign. No major arteries or organs were affected.