Human drugs for pets

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    There's been some posts about dogs and benadryl, and other things for upset tummies and such. I thought that this link would be helpful as it gives safe and unsafe human drugs and their dosages. For quick reference, on the benadryl, the dosage is .5 to 2.0 mg per pound. Each small capsule is 25 mg., so a 50 lb dog, for example, could get 1 to 4 caplets at a time. We buy the generic brand bottle of 400 from Costco for $3.65.
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    EXCELLENT POST WITZ! - Thank you.

    I did get a chuckle. How are you supposed to tell if your dog would even like Cannabis? Would all the milk bones and snaussages be gone? OMG what idiot would do that to their dog? :mad:
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    I heard on the news the other day that they have been developing marijuana pills to replace pot and have a more sane way to distribute and dose for people with pain and chemo issues. So far they have one that is very controllable, but they don't want to release it because it has the undesirable side effect of calm and euphoria. Oh, for crying out loud! Without the calm and euphoria, what's the point?
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    Long ago, when my stomach was upset my mom would feed me sweet, weak tea and saltine crackers. Worked like a charm - almost every time.

    So now I do the same to the dog. If I can hear his stomach, he gets crackers and tea.

    It works for him, too.
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    "Calm euphoria" sounds pretty darned good right now! They have a pill for that? ;)
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    Stepto2, I may have to try that. Sometimes you can hear Bubba's tummy from across the room, and you have to make sure he can get right out of the room. Mandy doesn't travel well at all, so we will have to bring some crackers along with us on our next trip.

    When you say "sweet weak tea", what do you mean? I find that what we mean by tea on the west coast isn't necessarily what you mean back east or in the south.
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    We give Cowboy 4 benedryl tabs for his runny nose. It zonked him but his nose stopped running temporarily.
    Thanks for the link Witz.
    A little euphoria would be a good thing today.
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    Good post!! :D

    Thanks Witz
  9. Star*

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    If they have a pot pill.........
    and it makes you mellow, calm and euphoric?

    I WILL FIND A THIRD JOB to help the drug company PAY for advertisements that will take up so much air time you couldn't POSSIBLY ever see another VIAGRA or BOB commercial.....

    I hope they call it something TABS.....:redface:

    Beats the name they have for the rolled marijuana cigarettes called Tom Cruise - because it makes you see little men from outter space. :alien:
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    Yep. If their inability to market this product doesn't make you believe that we need health care reform, there is no hope for you!
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    First, yes, VERY good post! I bookmarked the page.

    Star......You would be surprised. Or maybe not. I grew up around people who were very into their.....ahem.....herbs. I've seen stoned dogs.

    And drunk dogs, hungover dogs and possibly addicted dogs.
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    Erm... Well, I make a cup of hot tea in the microwave - just a normal ceramic coffee cup full. Bag in before I stick it in the nuker. Then I pour it in a bowl, mix in about 1 tbsp sugar and 4 or 5 ice cubes - cools it and makes it weak. Sometimes Bubbles will drink it without sugar but that's an extra enticement.

    Now for ME - I make it with 1/2 a cup of tea, add water to weaken. So it's still hot! (And loose leaves, but I'm odd like that.)

    Oh yeah, I use regular tea bags, chamomile works too.
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    Thank you!