Humor at my in-laws expense


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Maybe a laughing smiley face isn't right of me, but its just funny. We had our youngest difficult children birthday party yesterday and the in-laws came with my husbands nephews son. He is 2 months older than my youngest, so he'll be 4 in August. The in-laws call him "Mr. Distructo". He was born very premature, so many of his problems are just that he hasn't developed as quickly as kids his age. He is hyper, he's not potty trained and he doesn't listen to the in-laws, however, he did listen to me, my mother and my husband. My mother-in-law said if he gets too out of hand they'd be leaving early. I said it was no problem, I was used to kids who don't behave. She looked at me and said "Oh, you're not used to this. He is much worse than anything you've dealt with before." I just got the giggles inside and rolled my eyes as I looked in another direction. Does she honestly think that with my 3 difficult children I can't handle a little hyperness? I can't handle a kid who breaks things or throws tantrums? Oh no, my kids have never acted that way or done those things! *rolling my eyes*

The thing is, like I said, he listened to us, just not them. I did notice that when he hit my father-in-law because he was mad and my father-in-law got very stern with him and told him to come here NOW, but before he made it over to him, my father-in-law changed the subject and didn't deal with it. I think they honestly were bringing quite a bit of it on themselves. I understand difficult child's and he does have some tendancies, but I think most of it was he was with Great Grandpa and Great Grandma and getting away with murder.

Still rolling my eyes at "you're not used to this." and "He is much worse than anything you've dealt with before" PLEEEEZZZZZZZZZ


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Absolutely! Touche'!
Yes, your observations are correct... especially when you're going to discipline someone and then change the subject and blow off the whole thing. If I could see myself objectively (through a fish bowl?)it would help.