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    He got the good job :) He turned up a few minutes early for a 10a.m. interview, or what he thought was a face to face interview as a follow up to a phone interview. When he turned up, a different person met him and was surprised he wasn't dressed for the plant and wearing steel toe boots to do a walk through, get a locker assigned etc. S/O explained he was told it was a interview, they had a good laugh and he biked right back home, surprising me by arriving home 15 minutes after his interview was set to begin. He is off to pick up a new pair of work boots as his old ones are a bit tattered, then back to the plant for a walk through and to get information as to his duties and wages, benefits etc.

    This is a great company AND S/O has friends working there so he'll fit in quickly. As a matter of fact one was on break outside when he arrived early and they chatted a few minutes. S/O's position will be higher than his friends, and his friend disclosed his salary which was more than S/O and I thought he could get in this town, and his own salary will be higher.

    It's a great day in our household! I am so happy for him! First thing he said when he strolled in the door was TOLD YOU SO as reference to the joke he always gets the first job he applies for when job hunting. Second thing he said was for me to set an appointment time to go in to our reception venue for our wedding next year since we can pay for it in a few weeks.

    Oh happy day! :)
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    That's Awesome M!

    Your SO reminds me of my husband's "modesty" lol when it comes to landing the job. My husband has only missed out once in the past when he failed the Air Traffic Control test by 2 points and didn't get the job...but now he owns his own computer business and does very well with it.

    Congrats to the both of glad you can start preparing for your wedding!!!
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    That's WONDERFUL!!! Huge congrats to your SO!
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    Thanks :) I'm so happy for him! I knew he could go back to his former employer without a problem but I know he was excited about this company and their opportunities for advancement etc. And with this company we can ask for transfer to another location at some point which fits with our desire to move from here when easy child finishes grade 8 in 2 years. I'm so thrilled I could burst :) We needed some good news!
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    WHOO HOO !!!! AWESOME NEWS !!:congratualtions:
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    ........(in a not so narcissistic tone) snort...........I have AWESOME bon bons.....(looks in a mirror) YUP......TOTALLY AWESOME......

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    Wonderful news! Congratulations!

    Love, Esther
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    How great is that? Congrats!
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    Thanks everyone :) He has a medical booked for Thursday and drug/alcohol testing, xrays, physical etc. He will be told a start date then but should be Monday. They normally don't ask what salary is hoped for and don't negotiate so it was odd but they did ask S/O what salary he was looking for. He stated what he was hoping for as a start salary and they didn't bat an eye and said "sounds good". He will get a raise every 6 months. They discussed where he'd like to be in his career in 5 years or so and he explained that he chose to apply to them since they are a company that promotes within and has a employee career counsellor and advancement program that he is very interested in. They then discussed that program in depth and what areas of interest S/O had which led to explanations of positions he could reasonably expect promotion to if he is a good team player, hard working, quick to learn, driven and has leadership qualities etc. All of which fits S/O to a tee. This bodes well :)
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knewitIknewitIknewit!!!! Woo hoo!