husband will not make for a good search and rescue person

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    I dropped Diva and her friend A off at the beginning spot in the river for tubing. This was at 5:00. Diva told me it would take about 1 hour and they would be home by 6:30. A's car was parked at the end of the run.

    At 6:30, I called Diva to see how close to home she was. No answer. I knew she would come straight home after the tubing. 5 minutes later, no answer. 10 min later, no answer. Surely they should be off the river by now!

    I called husband to see if he could drive to the end to see if A's vehicle was still there. Nope, he is at his sister's and it would be out of the way. O.K., Diva is 45 minutes late getting off the river and her dad is more concerned with putting miles and gas into his vehicle to go check it out!!!!!

    I call Diva again, no answer. This is about 6:45 pm and I am suppose to be across town to help my friend D set up for Sunday School. I called our neighbor to tell her I was heading to the river and our 12 yr olds are alone at my home. I called my friend D to tell her I need to know that Diva and A are o.k. before heading across town. I then call husband to tell him I am heading out to look for Diva and A. "Do you want me to go check? I haven't gotten to Underwood yet, I can take that road across." I am so frustrated at him by now, "Yes! I want you to go look for them!"

    So, I stop at a convience store and turn around to go wait it out at home. I called my friend D and updated her. husband is going to check but I don't feel comfortable going across town until I hear the girls are o.k. She was on my end of town so came over to my house to wait it out with me.

    Soon, husband calls, A's car is still at the bridge but no sign of the girls. Then, "Wait, I see something coming. It is red. Nope - just debre." "husband, Diva's tube is red, is it a tube? Is she on it?" "I don't know, it could be a tube. I am driving, I will have to turn around and go back. I will take my binoculars out and look." "I need to know what it is you saw! If it is an empty tube, the girls are in trouble. Who do we call to get help in this situation?" (I had already programed the sheriff's phone number into the cell phone before leaving the house).

    So, after some grumbling, husband parks the truck and takes a look through the binoculars. "It is them" he says. "Are you going to wait to make sure they get off safely?" "No, I have too much to do!" Ugh Oh well, atleast we know they are o.k. and I head to church to help D.

    Diva called me soon after. She was angry that I had called her cell phone so many times. "Mom, the river is slow. Dad, tell Mom the river is slow today." Yeah, husband did wait!

    After helping D, I took Diva and A out to eat. They told me their side of how things went. Toward the end of the run, they saw a vehicle that looked like husband's driving back and forth on the nearby road (the river winds a lot so he needed to drive to look at the sections of the river). Diva thought it sounded like husband's truck. The vehicle stopped and this guy (who they did not think looked like husband) got out and started taking pictures of them (I asked them if it could have been binoculars - Diva knows that husband uses them a lot so she got this, Oh Yeah! look). A said they should get off the river ASAP and into the car to get out of there FAST!

    So, A was trying to hide as much as possible. She was ahead of Diva. As Diva came to the jump off point, she heard someone talking to A. She recognized husband's voice and knew all was well.

    So, I need to know who I can call on to help in my next search and rescue operation. :)
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    I've got a dog who did tracking and SAR in his younger days. He is still an excellent swimmer, to.

    I bet he'd love the chance to go tubing on a nice, slow river, LoL
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    Thank you GN! I will look up your dog next time a kid is late on a tubing adventure. :)

    I would have felt better if there was a group of friends and not just Diva and one friend.