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thread yesterday morning that we had a late, messy & quite tense plumbing emergency late last. The plumber show up around midnight or so. In the midst of all the spraying water, anger & confusion to friggin' figure out where the shut off valve to the house was I noted that kt was just helping along. No complaints, drama or whining - just asking husband or myself what needed to be done next.

At one point during this crisis, kt took me by the hand & had me sit down to rest "you're shaking, mama".

So while we had this very expensive adventure in our home last night I saw a couple of positives that I'm determined to keep in my mind.

The most important being watching my very Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) child step up in a family situation, take ownership & help. :bravo:

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Really happy news to hear that KT did so well in the middle of a very tense, expensive household emergency. :bravo: Give her a big hug from all her board aunties. :kisses:



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Sometimes our kids surprise us when they can step outside themselves and become part of something bigger...this time, for you,handling a family crisis.

Small signs of maturity lead to more growth down the line.

Congratulations to kt!


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Linda, seriously this brought tears of joy to my eyes. Maybe it is an extra emotional day for me (hormones or something) but, this is sooooo big! I am not even sure my difficult child would have helped or cared about me in that scenario. In fact I believe she would have chuckled and gone back to her room.

I am happy for you to have that moment. Makes the plumbing bill worthwhile in my eyes!

:sad: :smile:


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Plumbing disasters as therapy??? Hmmmm..... nahhh. Think I'll skip that strategy :rofl: :rofl:

Glad kt was able to step up - huge, really. She was able to step out of her own wants/needs. Tremendous, Linda. Your girl is really making some impressive strides, you know?

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Sue - you let me down. I thought you were one of those moms who'd do whatever it takes! What a slacker! :smile:

It was a pleasant reaction to watch out of my little ktbug - wish it hadn't been so darned traumatizing :crazy: (and expensive) to me.

It's amazing the amount you'll pay for a toilet at 2 in the morning. :surprise:


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Good for kt.
I think it's really important for us to appreciate every small step in the right direction. It gives us hope and they get a sense of not always doing it wrong.

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This was such a great post to read (not about the expensive pipe part). Your heart must be very happy about kt's response :princess:


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I just saw this post (have been away), but wanted to add that this was HUGE!! Good for kt! :bravo:

I agree - some things you will pay no matter what the charge is -and I have to believe that toilet repair is one of those things.

Glad kt showed her best during this not-so-great moment in time! :laugh: