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    at Department of Juvenile Justice and asked if he was able to get what he needed from the school there. He said he was scheduled to meet them either later today or tomorrow- I can't remember for sure. I asked if he needed anything else from me and he said he'd asked difficult child's behavior counselor to call me if he did. Then I told him about the scheduled conference with difficult child the end of Dec and he told me I needed to let PO know about this. Yeah but, I explained, I'm a little concerned that they might take my efforts to advocate for my son as trying to take over their plan so would he please call? He said he would then said there might be a problem making this work because difficult child will have to be able to finishe the required treatment there first. Say what? I guess they put difficult child back in the treatment schedule since he got that charge in Nov. Anyway, then I asked him to also mention the school impact when he called PO. He said he would call PO and super both and catch them up.

    Keeping fingers crossed.......
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    fingers crossed!
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    Oh man, why does there always have to be a "but"??? I hope that treatment thing does not complicate things too much. They can do treatment out of the facility. Fingers crossed he will call and not be swayed to the dark side by these folks.
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    thank you! Well that 'treatment' is Department of Juvenile Justice's required anger management- oh -he's calling now....Well, scratch that- it wasn't difficult child. Anyway, Department of Juvenile Justice requires him to complete that anger mangement thing before he can get released. If he goes to the group home, they have their own that he'd have to complete- that would be the 4th one. This is so stupid.

    But as far as this current program, difficult child shouldn't be that far behind- he was just set back a few weeks due to that charge in Nov and Mr M said Sund that he thought he could do something about that- he told difficult child not to worry about that part, he'd take care of it.

    I think difficult child probably can't call right now because it's a school night and he's trying hard not to push any limits.....I think.
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    Hoping Mr. M can pull off his promises.