I could just wring their necks!

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by AmyH, Apr 15, 2008.

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    I am sooooo fed up with this SD. Just got an email from SC and she said it will be the end of next week before she gets the referral to school psy. for difficult child's testing. We signed consents on 4/7. I told her well that doesn't give you guys much time to complete testing, get results and meet before the end of school May 19th. They will basically have 3 weeks after she gets her paperwork to them.

    I am just sick to death of them. difficult child has been making d-f's since last year and has had severe emotional and psychological problems. that the school has known about. Now I finally found out my rights and they are still dragging their feet.

    She also said her and the principal made adjustments to difficult child's 504 and she will sent them to me when she is done with them. WOW, what ever that matters, they did not follow the first one. I am so spitting mad at them.
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    Who/what is SC?
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    Sorry, SC- school counselor. I went above her head again, as I had to to even get the testing option started. I emailed the School Psy. and she told me that she was going to start testing on monday (without) the actual referral. She wanted to wait until monday because the kiddos are doing state testing this week. She is absoutly the only person who has helped in this situation. I am so thankful for her.:thumbsup: