I had to giggle a bit


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I know this is mean of me, but after all I've been through this week I can't help it.

My daughter broke my laptop yesterday. I posted about that in another thread. Well today she accidentally dropped her camera (her pride and joy) into the toilet and now it won't work. Seems like karma is working today. It's too late to talk to her about it now, but tomorrow we are going to have a long talk about this. Maybe now she'll understand how it feels to me when she destroys my things. Not that my laptop means as much as her camera meant to her, but at least now I'll have something for her to think about.


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I saw your other thread where you mentioned your laptop - the keyboard got wet. Is there any chance that it could be repaired? Just a thought.

The same applies to the camera - with a lot of electrical appliances, if you can switch them off quickly enough you can save them. If they are left to dry out before turning them on again, they can be OK. It depends on what was spilt, sometimes they need to be opened up and cleaned. But we had a similar problem with a keyboard that had water spilt on it - we unplugged it FAST (within a second, while the water was still trickling in) and left it unplugged (used another keyboard for a week or more). We could see that water DID get inside, but it dried out and the keyboard works fine.

difficult child 3 dropped his bundle of Tamagotchis in a bucket of water and they all shorted out. We took out the batteries and left them with the backs off to dry. It took a few days for some, a week or more for others, but they did all dry out and are fine now, although they did get re-set.

Basically, if water gets into the 'brains' of the thing, it's generally had it. But if it's only the peripherals, you can get away with it, or maybe just replace the peripherals.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 dropped our digital thermometer into the bath and shorted it out. husband was going to throw it away but she didn't want him to. She took the batteries out (the battery compartment was the only thing on it that would open) and left it to dry out for about a month. Then she bought a new battery for it and it started up beautifully. All that had shorted out was the connection between battery and everything else, and then only while it was wet.

So, maybe for difficult child - a demonstration of electrical circuits and how to look after them? We bought an electronics kit for difficult child 3, he's been slowly working on it.

But I had to chuckle with you. Life is full of incidents like this. You have to write them down or you forget vital pieces.



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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #333399"> my son insists that we get those contract on our eletronics. his laptop ~~~ the one we just bought sarah as a graduaion gift, her gizmo that will allow her to do her artwork on the computer & both their dig cameras. sometimes you never use them....other times they've been invaluable.

it would be wonderful IF she learned from this. i wouldn't hod my breath tho since YOUR laptop doesn't affect her. &lt;sigh&gt;

</span> </span> </span>


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Nope, the computer is fried. Spilling on the keyboard means spilling on all the guts and I've called a few computer repair people who say that once you spill on a laptop the only way to repair it is to replace everything inside. I might as well just buy a new computer altogether. It's okay though. That one was a gift and I didn't really need it. If it was our main computer that I use for photo editing, printing recipes, organizing bills, etc. I'd be much more furious. This one just sat in the kitchen and was for fun stuff.

Her camera might dry out and work again, but this morning she woke up with this bright idea to ask her daddy for a new one for her birthday. She wants me to take her to Best Buy to try out new cameras. This is a hobby of hers and she's been bugging me daily to use my higher end point and shoot to take "art" pictures. I'm getting a new SLR next week (or maybe I'll wait til she goes to her dad's for the summer), so I want her to have her own because she has broken two cameras so far. I hope he buys her one so she won't beg constantly to use mine.
I understand!!! My difficult children, especially difficult child 1 destroy things as long as the things they destroy don't belong to them. This gets me so angry:grrr:!!!

difficult child 2 has destroyed a zillion calculators this school year. Finally I decided that he needed to learn a lesson. He received a calculator as part of his birthday gift. A calculator is a drop in the bucket compared to a laptop...

Anyway, I think natural consequences are the best teachers!!! I'm sure your daughter will be more considerate of your things in the future.
I would be gigling too... WFEN

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I've always pointed out anything bad that happens to my kids after they do something bad. My mantra is "If you do bad, bad things happen...if you do good, good things happen". I want it planted deep inside their heads while they are young so they don't notice that life doesn't neccessarily work that way.LOL

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My husband has destroyed so much in our house-unfortunately for us he isn't able to see the connection when something of his gets destroyed. I hope this helps your difficult child get it.