I have had a difficult child filled day. TGIF!

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    I am so happy the weekend is finally almost here. It's been a long hard week with difficult child being sick on and off and for some reason I've been waking up at 2:00 every morning and not getting back to sleep! Monday was my day to make all my truancy phone calls at work so that was a huge stressful day for me. The rest of the week went by in a haze. Lack of sleep really starts to get to me after a few days. Today has been the absolute worst at work! difficult children acting up left and right, including a girl who ran away last night and is absent for her probation meeting this afternoon. Her poor parents are here at the school hoping she would have shown up today. Of course she didn't. Now they are frantic with worry. Another boy with low functioning autism had a huge meltdown in class and had to be escorted by security to the main office. His poor teacher looked frazzled. We have several teachers out sick today so the kids have been giving the substitutes a hard time. Lots of kids acting up and getting kicked out of the classroom getting sent up to the office. I feel sorry for the assistant principal in charge of discipline today. I'm glad I don't have his job!

    On the homefront, easy child has been skipping breakfast and lunch. On Tuesday the cafeteria told him that he is no longer allowed to get his breakfast and lunch without his ID card. On the first day of school when I enrolled him I asked the front office when he should get his ID card. She told me it was no biggie if he didn't get one right away as long as he knew his ID number. Now the cafeteria is refusing him meals until he gets one. I dropped him off at school yesterday morning and told him to go to the library before class to get his card. He never got it. He was too shy to go up to the librarian and ask for one. He decided to skip breakfast and lunch rather than get up the courage to go to the library. This morning I bought him breakfast, then made him promise me he would get his ID card before lunch time. He said he would, but when I texted him later he said he didn't want to go get one. He was okay with skipping lunch yet again as long as he didn't have to go to the library and talk to the librarian by himself. So I called the front office and explained to the secretary that he has autism and isn't comfortable talking to adults he doesn't know. I told her he has been skipping meals. She promised me she would pull him out of class and take him to the library to get his ID card. I texted him at lunch to make sure he got it, but he still hasn't answered me. I hope the school did what they said they were gonna do and he got to eat today.

    This weekend the kids are going to their dad's and surprise surprise, he didn't cancel this time! I am going to hopefully be catching up on some sleep and relaxing a bit. I am going to go to the 99 cents store tomorrow and see if I can find any good halloween decorations. I am going to decorate the apartment while the kids are away at their dads. They say they are too old for decorations, so even if they don't care for them I am going to do it for myself. I used to decorate for every holiday before my big four year long depression hit. Now that I'm finally out of it I am going to start my holiday decorating again. I am so happy the weekend finally came after the stress I've gone through this week. God Bless Friday!