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    Nichole took a pregnancy test this morning. It was positive. She's ecstatic. She has gotten her xmas gift early. But is NOT saying a peep to boyfriend until xmas morning. 1. so she doesn't have him turn Mr Tightwad on her and 2. so she doesn't have to listen to him fret over supporting another child which for him is just anxiety as their income is very good and can more than support an addition to the family. 3. after miscarrying the last pregnancy she's iffy about saying anything with this one until she is further along..........but of course Mom always finds out these things first. lol

    easy child has been nauseous for at least the past 2 wks, although I'm thinking it has been longer than that. She was supposed to get an IUD after Conner was born but doctor couldn't put it in when she went to the appointment and told her to reschedule when Aunt Flow came to visit. Only Aunt Flow has never come to visit........... easy child has been in serious denial that she can be preggers yet again although she and sister in law have used no birth control. Brandon and Conner are less than 18 months apart. If she is preggers again.......these 2 would be less than a year apart. omg!

    Now this is my nurse kid. She knows how babies come to be. Ok, she doesn't use BC pills for the same reason Nichole doesn't (we get really vicious on the darn things) and that they tend to make her more fertile instead of preventing pregnancy........But there are condoms for pete's sake or diaphrams ect that could've been used instead.

    easy child swears she doesn't want to be preggers. Do I believe her? Nope. lol I think subconciously although she'd proclaimed she was done having kids, that she still wants a little girl and still craves that large family she has always wanted. Because why else would you NOT use any form of BC during a woman's most fertile period........right after having a baby? Geez Not like she doesn't know this stuff.

    So easy child broke down and finally bought a pregnancy test last night. She didn't get to take it as far as I know this morning because she was late getting up for work.........

    I of course worry about the tachycardia she had during Conner's pregnancy.......and of course she has yet to get her heart checked out. ughhh

    But I won't be surprised if she is preggers. My girls......well, let's just say each of them have tell tale signs of when they are and Mom is always the 1st to pick up on it.

    Guess we'll see with easy child. I hope Nichole has no issues with this one. The miscarriage was devastating for her. But she had had the foresight to continue taking her prenatal vitamins even though she'd lost the last one because she knew that it wouldn't be more than a few months before she'd hope to get preggers again. One big plus in her favor.

    But just can't help but giggle at easy child. After Darrin she had a late miscarriage. After that she seemed to be unable to get pregnant. It took her 3 yrs to conceive Brandon..............now it's like her body is in over drive since she keeps saying she's done. lol Seems someone upstairs has other plans.
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    Wow. Sounds like you're going to be busy. I will keep the prayers coming for both (and for you). How exciting!! Merry Christmas Grandma :)
  3. Star*

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    Merry Christmas Grammy! - An AUGUST BABY! - Oh a little Leo! hahaha...no wait.....A June baby? Hmmmmm A crab? How far along?

    In any event - CONGRAMMYLATIONS!
  4. Hound dog

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    Hmm. I think Nichole has just missed her period. The only reason she tested was due to the fact she's having issues with being faint, which she only does when preggers. Sort of her dead giveaway. lol With easy child.........I don't think she's had one since Conner was born and that's been about 2 1/2 months or there about.

    I'm also giggling because if both girls are preggers at once they'll be arguing over who gets to name a girl Elise (after mother in law). As there has been an Elise in the family every generation for several hundred years. Nichole's full name is Nichole Elise only because mother in law threw a fit when I wanted her first name to be Elise...........cuz everyone would slip up and call mother in law Elsie and she'd tell them by darn she was no cow! :rofl:
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    easy child's test came back positive with a faint pink line. She's choosing to remain in denial and going to retest. lol (Nichole checked with her via fb)

    Nichole will be due Aug 10th..........no clue when easy child will be due yet.
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    You're in for a little summer's end baby boom, how exciting!! Congrats~
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    Wow...how exciting! Sending hugs and prayers that all goes well for Nichole and easy child.
  8. busywend

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    How very exciting!!! Congrats! And fingers crossed for them both!
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    How exciting! And just think how many little grandkiddies you will have by NEXT Christmas!
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    YAY!!!!!! (((HUGS))) It's so exciting!
  11. Hound dog

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    I dunno....................

    The thought of both easy child and Nichole being pregnant at the same time is a bit................daunting. :grounch_day::highvoltage::holymoly:

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    Congratulations times two!

    Start your knitting now....gotta get those baby blankets, and booties and caps ready!