I knew it was too good to last ... weed lighter and coin collection

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    difficult child opened a coin collection so he could have more cash at the mall yesterday. Yes, it belonged to him, but now it's only worth face value. husband took the leftover coins and I don't know what he's going to do with them. :(
    husband also found a new lighter in the pocket of difficult child's pants. It's got a picture of weed embossed on it. Sure, it's just a lighter, and it's cool, but given his history, this is something I will take up with-the therapist on Tues. In the meantime, mum's the word. :(:hangin::censored2:
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    We have to be on the look out for such small things other people would think we're crazy. With difficult child 1 just a look will tell what is going on in his head. Something like a lighter would be a disaster for us.
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    I am hoping they're both false alarms, like the cell phone that was left at home last week but I am not going to bring it up until tomorrow. difficult child needs to know, and the therapist needs to explain, that his past behavior colors everything.
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    So, the little knife was supposedly in his old jeans, and he said they were old and even told me they were the ones with-marker writing all over them to prove he had not worn them. (I think his ex girlfriend wrote on the legs so he doesn't want to wear them any more.) He said he didn't want the knife any more. The therapist and I refused to let it drop, and emphasized how quickly difficult child could get kicked out if he was caught with-that on him.
    therapist shared two stories, one of a local student who spent weeks carrying her bagel, cream cheese and butter knife to school with-no problems, until one day, a pencil pushing admin took it away from her and got her suspended.
    Another student realized he had a knife on him, leftover from a fishing trip, so he went to the office and turned it in for safekeeping. They turned on him and suspended him, as well.
    Either or both of the kids' families is suing, but the point is, you canNOT make "mistakes."

    The lighter was something difficult child found at school and thought it was cool and funny. I said "It is NOT cool," and he said, "Well, it probably belonged to some pothead (stone-whatever the new phrase is)" and I said, "Yeah, probably K." (difficult child's ex friend who got him into weed.) "Besides," added difficult child, "It doesn't even work."

    I wanted to strangle the therapist, when he removed the lighter fluid container from the metal holder to figure out how it worked and whether it was out of fluid. Up to that point, difficult child didn't know how they were put together! (Roll eyes ... boys will be boys ... I'm sitting there watching the therapist play with-it ... )

    I have also had to lean on difficult child to get him to do his HW, because his new thing is to get off the bus at a different stop and go to a girl's house. They walk to KFC, which of course, serves chick with-wheat breading, and mashed potatoes with-wheat gravy ... and I had deliberately NOT given difficult child extra money so he would not get any of that. So of course, the friend pays for his food. And this a.m., difficult child put two chocolate pastry poppers in the toaster, which his friend had given him, and of course, they're wheat ... Argh!!!
    (Not only that, but they live in a matchbox sized house that is filthy, there is either no dad or he's never home, and the mother has been at the hospital with-her mother, who is obviously not doing well ... *I* feel like I should be giving *them* gifts ... I hate it when kids do stuff like this--and I realize that this is typical teen.)

    I guess I should look on the bright side and be thankful he's bumming junk food off of her and not weed ...

    Sometimes, I think that if we ever did an MRI of difficult child's brain, it would be filled with mush, with a sign that says, "Quaker Oatmeal."
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    Yeah, therapist wasn't thinking about that one. How badly does the wheat affect him? Glad difficult child was able to talk about it with you with therapist.
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    Liahona, if difficult child did not eat wheat, I am convinced he would not need any stimulant medications.

    If he slept 9-10 hrs every night, at the exact same time, he wouldn't need half of his lithium, either.

    I'm not betting on either one. :(
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    Sometimes they have to be convinced of it in order for it to work. Its not an easy thing to convince a kid. (difficult child 1 is still up and down on if he really needs the medications.) Maybe if you keep up the insistence he'll get it when he is older. Its a great opportunity for him to not be on as much medications. Other kids don't have that option. Maybe when he has to start paying for it himself. :)

    Good luck
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    Someday, Liahona ... it will all come together. I'm not sitting on the edge of my chair waiting, though.