I like difficult child's principal

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    I got a call from the principal yesterday. difficult child was playing football with a group of boys, and he was especially forceful with his tackle and gave one boy a bloody lip. difficult child had his clenched when he made the tackle, so some had questions about whether he hit the boy or tackled him.

    If you play tackle football, my feelings are that you will get hurt.

    Other boy went to class with a bloody lip, so then difficult child was called to the office. From difficult child's perspective he just tackled the boy.

    They are not suspending him.:bravo: They will just keep him in for recess today. Now normally I am not a fan of that, he needs the activity, but lately removing priveleges seem to work. He seems to get that now. I am just so happy they did not suspend him for something that does not warrant it. If he deserves it, by all means do it, but I don't think any of them are supposed to be playing tackle football, so why just suspend one?? The principal did what makes sense.:slap:

    Now I need to decide if I want his IEP classified under ED, or OHI? I still thinking about that one.