I made it! (long)

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  1. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    After an interesting 4 1/2 hour Greyhound trip, trying to get some fresh air on a 2 hour layover outside the connecting terminal and having 2 old guys offer me some crack... (I declined saying I was trying to cut back). I politely declined saying I needed to do a drug test. Sorry guys. Then I quietly grabbed my bag using the excuse I needed to use the ladies room. RUN, ABBEY...RUN!!!:surprise:

    Quick nights sleep in Madison for a 10 hour drive back home. I get up at 3am to find out I have 'the monthly.' Great...just great. We leave at 4am and we're about an hour out of Madison and my tummy is feeling not so well. I've always suffered from car sickness and the combo of having the period was not good.

    Now I'm riding with two guys who have never married. I keep my mouth shut hoping it will go away. We stopped at some microscopic town in Minnesota for lunch. Eating was the LAST thing on my mind, but I managed to eat half a small taco. Back on the road.

    We're about 30 minutes into the middle of nowhere and I'm realizing this is not going to well. I had a thunderstorm in my belly. We're going 80mph in the middle of the Midwest and I recognized sadly too late that I was going to hurl. I put my hand over my mouth and completely hurled all over myself and the passenger seat. I have effectively traumatized these guys for the rest of their lives.

    We pull over at the next exit, which in that part of the country could be a good 30 minutes away and I peel myself out of the chair. Now, some people are proud of weird things...a good f+art (guys), but when I puke, it's impressive. They're freaking out. They were grossed out as well, as was I. There is the one guy who is FRANTICALLY searching every crevice of the car for a napkin....anything! Well, the other guy realizes he brought a special roll of his toilet paper in his bag. Special roll? I'm covered in vomit and he's got a special roll with aloe. I'm in stitches laughing as they can't even look me in the eye, yet he remembered the special paper.

    So, out on some county road, cleaned up with the nice aloe paper and said, "Guys...I've got to change clothes." Hadn't seen a car for a long time. They turn their back, I undress and put on a clean pair of clothes. As my great timing would have it, I'm down to undies and some old farmer drives by!! He just gave a wave and went on.

    They're driving with the windows down...I'm trying to somehow hide my wreaking clothes, yikes. I said, "Ummm...did I think to mention that I have car sickness?" Oh, great, Deb. NOW you tell us. Then we start to discuss the proper procedures for puking in a car. One says pull over. Not so easy to happen when you're clipping along. The other says roll down the window. Hey 10 or more hours in a car provides great discussion. Well, that might work in SD when it freezes almost immediately as it happens, but dude...it's 95. That crud is going to fly right back at you as you're in the backseat and there is a very gusty storm going through. Want that?

    Please keep the windows up.

    Finally get to my son's house. I'm still pretty green at this point.:sick: Basically I just dropped on the couch. We all chat for a few minutes and then that feeling comes back. Where's your bathroom? Oh, it's downstairs. There are 4 bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. I'm desperately searching for the bathroom. Of course it's the last door. I'm running.

    On a positive note, it was wonderful seeing my oldest son. It's been years. He's such a cool kid. "Mom, I've got the couch, but don't use this blanket as...well, it's not nice." We chatted for a few hours and now I'm at that point where I'm tired beyond bed and made the wise decision to watch some comedian who was too funny for words.

    On a negative note, now I have 2 guys who are rethinking of me riding back to WI in a few days. Nada... I told them if they left me here I'd hunt them down.

    Skipped the initial get-together tonight. Didn't want to hurl in front of 100 other classmates, but the festivities begin tomorrow.

    Oh, my.

    Wish me well on my reunion, and Starbie...have a SPECTACULAR day tomorrow.

  2. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    OMG I'm rolling - with the Aloe....and the special paper....Deb ONLY you could tell a story about puking and make it so funny. I'm thinking the road-side peep show was probably the most fun that farmer has had in YEARS.

    IMODIUM - DOLLAR GENERAL - $3.00 - something or since you are in the middle of flipping nowhere - find some baking soda and water - and settle that upset stomach.

    I'm hoping that you get to go to your reunion. I'm really happy that you got to see your son. That was the best part out of all of this. Well, unless you just plan on stripping on the side of the highway AGAIN - for kicks. lol....rofl - take .....paper.....special....paper. Heck - when you're in the dollar store for the puke pills maybe you can gets some colored tissue paper and sex it up a bit *your little road-side show. :laugh:

    OMg girl ONLY you.....and buy some bags....for carsickness....:sick:

    Glad to know you made it. Thanks for the birthday wish.

    Bring me back something pretty - sweet grass would be good.
  3. KTMom91

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    Wow...feel better! Enjoy your reunion!
  4. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    That sounds like SOOOO much fun.

    Well at least the way you put it out there.
    I am going to go find dome special terlet' paper and then not let anyone else use it.

    I remember the gotta barf NOW once, I did it out the window, going fast, and yep' back inside and all over the side of the car.

    Also if you don't clean it off of the car right away, the acid in the puke will ruin the paint job. FYI
    So you let them boys know you did them a favor.

    I hope you have a nice time tonight and your tummy cooperates. Keep your clothes on!
  5. Jena

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    Abbey - the stories you have........ :)

    I'm glad you got to where you are going. I hope your feeling better, besides the puke and upsetting those two boys lol you sound well :)
  6. lmf64

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    Your story tickled my funny bone. I hope you feel better and can attend your reunion without the special toilet paper boa. AND those old Minnesota farmers have seen it all. Believe me. lol
    On your way home stop at my house. It's less than a mile off of I90. I'll give you your own roll of special toilet paper.
  7. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    First day of full reunion activity...and we missed the first 2 events!! We went hiking in the hills about an hour away for a good couple of hours (so nice to see the Black Hills again), then went back to the car and found a flat tire.:mad:

    Now we're in a very remote area so the guys tried to put on the 'donut' tire. Couldn't get the darn wing-nut off of the jack. We pounded, wrenched, everything and the bugger wouldn't budge. So we call AAA. Try explaining to them where you are. "It's past Hill City, take the 3rd dirt road, then vere left about mile into it - no road, but you'll see tire tracks." The guy remarkably found us about 2 hours later.

    We get the donut on and he tells us there is Bob's Shop in Hill City. He should be able to fix the tire. We get there at 5:05pm...he's closed.:mad::mad: So we risk driving back to Rapid City with that bicycle tire on. Went directly to Sam's club and get the tire fixed. By that time, we were all yucky but wanted to make the last event of the day - 'tour of Rapid City bars.' And tour we did.:tongue: Fortunately we had a designated driver.

    Spent the next 7 hours meeting old friends, most of which I couldn't recognize. Most recognized me as I haven't changed a whole lot from HS, but it was a bit ackward to reply back...and you are who?

    Today is frisbee golf, then 70's music challenge (I'll kill them...already been named coach for the ladies team), then a dinner tonight.

    I'll bore you with a short story. I saw my friend Holly who is all of about 4'10" with me being the amazon. When we were about 14 we decided to sun bathe. So we had this brilliant idea that if you took baby oil and put some iodine in it, then climbed on our roof so we'd be closer to the sun we'd get a great tan. That 12 feet of height surely would make a difference.

    Now, I tan like an Indian. Obviously...Holly does not. We're up on my roof, rotate a few times until we land on our backs and promptly fell asleep for a few hours. When we woke up (and fortunately did not roll off of the roof) I looked like a nicely toasted marshmallow. Holly...well, she looked like the devil on fire. Her front side was REEEEEEDDDDD beyond description, her back side completely white. It took her weeks to recover. We laughed so hard.


    lmf64 - I might take you up on that offer. PM me. Warning...one of the guys CANNOT STOP talking. He knows everyone in about a 200 square mile radius of this area. If he doesn't, you're now his friend and will be included in future conversations.:tongue:

    Jena - we made a pact. What happens in the car stays in the car.

  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad you are having a good time in spite of the side-track surprises! Hope you win the music contest... I'm sure you will!