I need a new Helmet


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The one I have been wearing for over a week to avoid all of the "crashes" is about dented in. This is over a week of no mood stabilizer. I seriously don't know if we can make it until Monday and everyone be in one piece. For those of you who don't know, we had to take our difficult child off his Invega, which worked beautifully. He developed lumps under his breasts and was producing milk in one breast. We had to stop it and get these lumps down.

I even in desperation called the doctor back and asked, just how dangereous are these lumps? I have lumps and I kind of like them. :devil: But he said no.

How do you handle these difficult days? I've been told to IGNORE the cursing. Well, my ignore is about worn out. Then to top it off, he told me today this brilliant idea he came up with. He doesn't need an education. He is goign to be a professional dirt bike rider and they don't need an education. They just ride and get paid big, big bucks. I said okay, what if you get hurt, what will you fall back on for a job. He said Mom, dirt bike riding isn't for sissies. If you get hurt, you just wait until you heal up and then you do it again!!! What logic. He is in the mood lately that you can't even reason with him. He's so irritable. I really feel sorry for him (when he's asleep). When he's awake, I want to gag and bind him. Am I the only one who feels this way on bad days? I get ashamed of myself but then he does something and I get over it real quick. Guess I need to be more in control. But, he loves, loves, loves a conflict. I can't even walk away. He follows me.

Well, it's about THAT TIME. Time for the bath argument. He stinks and is dirty an I have to convince him that he really, reallllllllly needs a bath. I just hope he at least uses conditioner. Pray the rest of the week goes fast and that my helmet is reinforced. :warrior:


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Hope you can find a medication with no side effects.....His behavior is complicated by being a typical teen.......and I know how you feel about the dirt bike career, my son wanted to be a race car driver and you don't need to know how to write reports for that....

Right now that race car driver career is looking pretty good to me......as he is on his way back to jail for some stupid stunt he pulled when drunk......

Sometimes you just have to "numb" yourself to his speeches....it takes a long time to get yourself to automatically shut off your feeling of wanting to shout back......

Hope you can steel yourself and get him thru the teen years......


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You are definitely not the only one who feels like that on bad days. I have good days and I feel like that. When one of my difficult children is in their mania stage and not on medications, like over the summer, the talking drives me batty. :crazy: If more than one of them is in this stage on any given day without medications, I can't wait to escape when husband gets home. It's not that they are behaving bad, but their constant jibber jabber is mind boggling.


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Here is a spare for you :warrior:

Mine is a bit dented, but it still works for the most part!

Hope you can get through until Monday. Do you have lots of plans? Keep busy!
Your difficult child sounds exactly like my difficult child 1 :grrr:!!! I totally understand how you feel!!!

When is your difficult child's doctor going to put him on a different mood stablizer? I don't think I could handle difficult child 1 if he wasn't on one!!!

My best advice this early in the day, is to get in some "me" time whenever you can!!! I get my frustration, anger, resentment (I know I shouldn't feel resentment but I do) out by exercising. Without exercise, I know I would fall apart. In fact, I'm going to make an appointment today so I can join the health club I've decided to join.

It's hard to remain calm and not show any emotions when your difficult child is looking for a battle 24/7. However, if you manage to remain calm in front of him, it might diffuse him. It usually works on difficult child 1. In the beginning though, things got worse until difficult child 1 finally realized that I WILL NOT argue or even answer him when he is looking for an argument.

Unfortunately in our house, we have to live by a laminated list of Rules, Rewards, and Consequences. All of our rules revolve around basic common curtesy (SP?). We try to use natural consequences as much as possible. We ignore little things and try to pick our battles wisely. I know - this is easier said than done.

I could go on and on and on... I've posted alot about this in the past. As I mentioned, our difficult children sound very similar. If you want to pm me, I'de be happy to "talk" to you some more about this. I definitely can relate to what you're saying!!!

I hope today is a better day for you. Try to get in a bit of "me" time :flower: :bath: :smile: :smile: :reading: etc,...this weekend. :flower: WFEN