I need a new instruction manual

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by freya13, Oct 22, 2011.

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    I demand to know where my instruction manual was misplaced. Some days I feel like I got the version that is entirely in languages I do not understand. Two boys that I love beyond belief but am so tired of feeling like a failure as a parent. When my difficult child looks me in the eye and tells a bold faced lie I think how can this be. I want to run to that manual and look for the button that will make all of this stop. Am I a bad parent for wishing for easy and uncomplicated? Love them just tired today of the indoor battleground. But theres always tomorrow...
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    Welcome and NOT at all!

    I've asked for the correct manual myself. I'm pretty sue husband tossed it out. That's what men do.

    I'm the first to say that life is hard. BUT it shouldn't be THAT hard.

    Welcome to the board!
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    Welcome! Are your boys twins? (may seem obvious but some of us adopt and so they could be just close in age...smile) Wow, Is DMD Duchenes (sp?) Muscular Dystrophy? So sorry. I think it is just perfectly human to want simple! My nieces and nephews help me keep persepctive. My niece is grounded for 2 weeks and no cell, no FACE BOOK (that is the worst dont you know) because she lied and said she was gonna spend the night with a friend, snuck to a haunted scare thing at an amusement park which my sister had said no to. My unlucky niece butt dialed my sister and she heard them talking about one of the boys being drunk! He had an open container in the car! Nice when typical teen's are awful and I can see it part of any parenting job. (I know the number of times and degree are different with our difficult child's but still) Sorry you had a tough day.
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    Welcome to the board!

    Hey, if there were a manual you wouldn't have had to find us!

    Our kids not only don't come with a manual, but even with like diagnosis, they are totally unique. They are frustrating and endearing, stress-inducing and loving - My difficult child has no real middle ground or, as I used to say especially when he was young, no warm. He can go from hot to cold in a millisecond - which often leaves no time for the adults to adjust.........

    I welcome you to the board and know you will find both the support of parents who understand and information for those who have been there.

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    Thank You all was having a low feeling last night. With morning comes perspective :)
    No not twins just really close difficult child was adopted very young. DMD is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and sometimes the two diff situations combine to be so draining. I think that the post where you said no warm is accurate of my son I am still amazed at times where we go from cold to inferno in seconds and i look back later and try to figure out where it went to that point. But we are learning and we will keep plugging away, the hard part is wondering how much my other son having having DMD contributes. Does my difficult child not get enough attention, have we failed him in some way but perhaps just by worrying about that means we havent if that makes sense.
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    Just wanted to add my welcome!
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    Adding in my welcome and making a plea, if you ever find that manual please send it my way:)!